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How to Thank Your Veterinarian

Show your appreciation and take the opportunity to thank your veterinarian for all they do!

If you visit your vet office often, you see first-hand the time, energy, and effort that your veterinarian puts in for the well-being and care for your pets. In honor of all the hard work your veterinarian performs every day, we want to welcome the opportunity to thank your veterinarian and show your appreciation for all that they do for the beloved furry friends alike.

In addition, the veterinary clinic staff works around-the-clock, sometimes up to 12-hour days, to ensure pets are receiving all the medical care they need.

Essentially, that is why we launched Veterinary Appreciation Day, celebrated on June 18, to show love and appreciation for all veterinarians and veterinary professionals and the work they do on a daily basis for our pets. 

In the fast-paced digital world, we live in the word thank you can get lost amidst all the communications that happen throughout our day. In fact, the impact of a kind gesture can speak volumes. As a leader in the pet-health industry, we see first-hand the compassionate care our veterinary professionals provide for our beloved pets. We also know how important it is to give a meaningful “thank you”, and wanted to share some of the ways we like to reach out. From DIY cards to pet photos, here are some of our favorite ways to show appreciation to the veterinary professionals in our lives.

Thank Your Veterinarian: six ways to show your appreciation for all they do

Choose from a wide variety of ways to thank your veterinarian. Such as homemade card, pet photo, or DIY paw print.

Hand-made card

There is something extra-special about a hand-made card. Perhaps it’s the idea of personalizing your own message or having the opportunity to be creative. Consider making this a family-friendly art activity. Include the whole pack by using a pet paw print. Certainly, this is a unique way to thank your veterinarian for all that they do!

Take the time to listen

Next time you’re at the veterinary clinic, take the opportunity to check-in with your vet. Consider asking your veterinarian how they are, how their weekend was, or how their pets are. More importantly, take the time to listen to their response. Also, saying thank you lets them know you personally appreciate them and what they do for your pets and your community.

Shout-out on social media

If you’ve had a positive experience with your veterinary clinic, you have the opportunity to share your thoughts and opinions on social media. We all want the best medical care for our pets. Further, when researching which veterinarian to take our furry friends too, consider the power of social media and how it can be used as a positive tool to sing their praises. For example, do you appreciate the excellent communication, outstanding customer service, or amazing empathetic care towards your furry friends? Consider shouting out a positive note to thank your veterinarian and staff for their hard work. Also, don’t forget to include #veterinarylove.

Photo of your pet

A picture says a thousand words, and who wouldn’t want a photo of your smiling furry friend? Naturally, a photo is a unique and personal way, to thank your veterinarian and show your appreciation for all they do for your pet. In addition, the love of helping pets is quite possibly why your veterinarian became a vet. So, having the opportunity to see a photo of your happy and healthy pet, will certainly bring a smile to their face.

Gift a care package

In today’s day and age, self-care is an important component of work-life balance. Certainly, your veterinary professionals are no exception. Consider creating a care package with items that can be a resource in the workplace and provide for personal care. For example, items such as Band-Aids, Ibuprofen, and cooling shoe gels can provide comfort after a full day of work.

Share your experience

If your pet has the unlucky experience of an unexpected injury or illness,

For instance, the veterinarian and staff are the first to tend to our pet’s medical condition with world-class attention and medical care. Also, the insight, guidance, and help they provide us as pet parents is immeasurable.

Consider sharing your positive experience and refer your veterinarian and vet clinic to your friends, family, and their pets. Certainly, sharing this positive experience is a wonderful way to thank your veterinarian. So, that they can help more pets receive the medical care they need.

Thank your veterinarian and veterinary medical staff for they do. Share your appreciation everyday.

Thank your veterinarian: share your appreciation everyday

Our pets are family. Additionally, we value the insight, guidance, and help that our veterinarians provide for our pets every day. Consider showing a token of your appreciation through a note of gratitude, an adorable pet photo, or a listening ear. Certainly, your veterinarian will appreciate the thought and will impact their day more than imagined.

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