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The Unique Bond of Pet Siblings

The unique bond of pet siblings is a life-time bond.
Keely & Wesson enjoying playtime at Trupanion HQ.

Pets love being around their loved ones, and we highly regard our furry friends as part of the family dynamic. Relationships among family members are special, but nothing is quite as distinctive as the bond between two animals. For instance, the bond of pet siblings is a unique, spirited, and impactful relationship that exists among our best mates. We’re curious to learn more about the special bond pet siblings share, so we can better understand, and provide an enriching life for our pets. We sat down with our Trupanion pet program team to learn more about the unique bond of pet siblings and how it impacts their overall wellness throughout their lifetime.

Unique bond of pet siblings: constant companion for the life-time journey

The unique bond of pet siblings includes a strong animal friendship.
Trupanion’s own Nari and Bilbo enjoying some rest and relaxation.

The importance of animal friendship

Animal friendship is a relationship like no other. Naturally, it is important that multiple pets have the opportunity to interact together. For instance, “dogs are very social animals, whether it be with humans or other animals, they often are happiest when they can be social with others,” states Trupanion on-site animal behaviorist, Camille Barrios – UW.A.A.B. Also, animal friendship can provide important skills and tools to navigate through this life journey which humans cannot provide.

Consider these additional skills that pet siblings provide to one another –


Communication is essential to navigating and understanding the world around us. Certainly, our animal companions have the advantage of communicating with each other. “It’s also good for them to interact with their own species to be able to communicate with others who can understand their own language,” points out Barrios. For this reason, if you see your two pups interacting and there is barking back in forth, they might be trying to communicate with one another in their own language. Further, take the opportunity to identify their particular behavioral cues to decode what they are trying to communicate.


Socialization is an essential component of a well-balanced pet. Certainly, pet siblings can help train each other to pick up on social cues and become familiar with different environments. For instance, “socialization can teach them what is acceptable and also what is not for their species,” says Barrios. Consider starting socialization at an early age if possible. Similarly, slowly introduce different species, such as dogs and cats. Further, this can allow them to get to know one another at their own pace.

Pack mentality

Everyone wants to feel that they are included, and our furry friends are no exception. Likewise, our pets are most happy when they are with us and are a part of the pack.

Barrios breaks down the balance of the pack mentality –

Essentially, “pack animals create a close bond and rely on each other, they trust in one another.” Naturally, trust is the key to having a strong pack. Likewise, it is at the core of the unique bond of pet siblings and embodies what the family dynamic is all about.

Impact of wellness on animal friendship over time

We all want to know we have a friend by our side. Indeed, pet siblings have the opportunity to learn, grow, and explore with their best friends by their side. In fact, pets are happy when they are surrounded by those they love, and that includes their furry counterparts. Essentially, they truly understand one another. Naturally, over a pet’s lifetime, a partner can contribute to emotional, physical, and emotional benefits. Consider a constant animal companion, who is ready to play, that helps you learn and grow? Certainly, a benefit for the entire family.

The unique bonds of pet siblings is a lifetime of fun and forever love.
Trupanion’s own Harvey and Shenzi heading up a meeting.

Unique bond of pet siblings: adventures for a life-time

The unique bond of pet siblings is as important as humans having a life-long companion. In addition, to developing skills that allow for learning and growth, such as communication and socialization, the bond is immeasurable. Further, a multi-pet household allows for never-ending opportunities and adventures, with a best friend by their side. If your furry friend is an only, consider adding a furry family member to your pack, certainly, it’s a benefit to the entire family.

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