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Worry-Free Care for Zuri and Zane

Learn more about how it was the best decision for this pet owner to insure Zuri and Zane.

I began working for Dr. Kaiser at the Animal Clinic of Mandarin over 3 years ago. I decided to get a new Lab mix puppy and made the decision to enroll Zuri in Trupanion. Further, I made this decision after hearing other employees and Dr. Kaiser talking about how great it has been for their own pets and our clients.

Within the first 6 months, my puppy Zuri’s knee kept coming out of place and she would stiffen up and could only walk on 3 legs. She had to have surgery and between working with Dr. Kaiser and the specialist I couldn’t have been happier. Thankfully, I can take care of Zuri and give her the treatment she needs at such a young age.

I now have no worries as she grows older that I won’t be able to take care of her financially. I recently added a new 1- year-old rescue Great Dane, Zane to our family. Certainly, he also has Trupanion because I can’t imagine the cost if something happens to him being such a large dog.

Trupanion has saved me thousands of dollars out of pocket and I am so thankful to have it for both of my fur babies!

Zuri and Zane

Jacksonville, Florida
Enrolled: April 2017 (Zuri) and May 2018 (Zane)
Condition: Lame left hind leg surgery, rash on the belly, and licking feet
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $6,341.63

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