Archie: Valuable Family Member with Lifetime Coverage
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Archie: Valuable Family Member with Lifetime Coverage

Archie, a St. Bernard puppy, went in for a "well puppy" exam, and left with medical insurance. Learn how Trupanion's lifetime coverage changed his life.

In April 2014, my daughter took her new St. Bernard puppy, Archie, to Rose City Vet for his initial “well puppy” exam when he was 3 months old.  Weighing just 42 lbs., he was given a clean bill of health. 

At the visit, she was given information about Trupanion which she gave to me.  It was an exam day offer of insurance coverage with no waiting periods if the pet was enrolled within 24 hours.  Usually, I don’t follow up on such offers but this time I did.

And, boy, we are glad we did.

Within 3 days, Archie began having grand mal seizures which required several hospitalizations, extensive tests, and ongoing medication.  Trupanion paid approximately $7,400 for the bulk of Archie’s treatment.

About a year later, Archie was diagnosed with luxating patella (both sides) which are very unusual in large breed dogs.  He required two surgeries and many follow up visits.  Additionally, his right side required repair work in the summer of 2018.  To date, Trupanion has paid about $14,350 for these issues.

Archie also has ongoing allergies which require medication that would cost close to $145 a month if we didn’t have Trupanion.  After meeting our deductible, they are covering 90% of this cost. 

My late husband was the St. Bernard advocate of our family and he instilled that love in our daughter.  Archie provided “Papa” many hours of companionship prior to his passing in October 2016.  Archie continues to be a comfort and friend to the rest of our family, especially my grandson.

If it wasn’t for Trupanion, we would not have Archie today. 

Thank you, Trupanion for helping us care for such an important family member.

Monica, Laura and Silas


Portland, Oregon

Date enrolled: April 2014

Conditions: Allergies, lameness, seizures

The Trupanion policy paid: $25,745.57

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