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Seven Popular Canadian Dog Names

Check out seven popular Canadian dog names from the Trupanion database.

If you recently brought home a new dog and are looking to find the perfect name, look no further than these distinctive Canadian dog names. Our roots started in Canada and we’re certainly proud to say we were founded in Vancouver, BC. When you welcome home a new dog, you definitely want them to feel like they are part of the family, and they fit right in with the pack. Essentially, your pup’s name is the first chapter of their story. In addition, a dog’s name can say so much about their personality and can inspire their journey in life. A number of factors can influence your dog’s name, such as a place, person, or region into which you live. We’re curious to see which Canadian dog names we’re the most popular across the provinces of Canada. With over 400,000 pet names in the Trupanion database overall, we are proud to unveil these considerations for your new dog’s name.

Seven essential popular Canadian dog names to consider for your new best friend

Canadian dog names - adding personality and a story to every namesake.

1. Leo

A leader of the pack, Leo, has a commanding name that any pup would enjoy having. With 630 Trupanion Canadian dogs answering to the name Leo, this is surely a fun Canadian dog name to consider.

2. Casey

A name descended from multiple origins – including French-Canadian – it’s no surprise that Casey makes the list. With 279 Trupanion Canadian dogs barking to the name, we certainly see why so many Trupanion members love it.

3. Sky

If your new puppy has the potential to be the next big legend at the dog park, consider naming your pup Sky. With 150 Trupanion Canadian dogs with the name Sky, it certainly sounds like the opportunity for fun is limitless.

4. Miley

A unique name like Miley would be distinctive for a dog of any breed, size, or age. In addition, with 132 Trupanion Canadian dogs getting all dolled up at the dog salon, no doubt they are the most fashion-forward pups on the block.

5. Gibson

A popular name like Gibson could be a wonderful fit for the new dog in your life. Additionally, 120 Trupanion Canadian dogs are named Gibson, and we think it’s music to our ears!

6. Molson

A popular name throughout the years in Canada, Molson, has inspired pet owners and pets alike. For instance, 105 Trupanion Canadian dogs and their pet owners sure know how to party!

7. Nixon

A unique name such as Nixon might be just the name for your adventurous puppy. Naturally, 92 Trupanion Canadian dogs travel, hike, and seek new experiences donning the name Nixon so it might be worth the consideration.

Pet names, such as Canadian pet names, can be the beginning of your pet's story -

Canadian dog names: a celebration of dog names through the ages

Whether you have a sweet puppy or a doting senior, these Canadian dog names are sure to make a statement and tell a story wherever they go. Consider your pet’s personality and which name truly matches your pet. Certainly, any namesake you choose would be a great addition to your new furry friend.

Which Canadian dog names inspires your pet’s story?

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