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Ten Galactic Cat Star Wars Names

Is your cat one with the force or a part of the dark side? Check out ten galactic cat star wars names.

Somewhere in a galaxy not so far, far away – cat Star Wars names grace our best friends in households near and far. With the popularity of the Star Wars movies spanning decades, it’s no surprise they’ve inspired the names for our pets. We searched through our Trupanion database to see which names veered more towards using the force or were intrigued by the “dark side,” and we’re happy to report our discoveries. Whether you have a Jedi-in-training or a feline of the First Order, we’ve got the scoop on ten cat Star Wars names that are essential for any new kitten or cat in your family.

Ten out-of-this-galaxy cat Star Wars names to consider

1. Finn

If you have a spirited renegade roamer of your household, you might have a Finn. Finn, an independent and free-thinking Storm Trooper, is loyal and dedicated to those in his company. For instance, with over 3,308 Finn names in the Trupanion database, he surely is an inspiration to Trupanion pet owners.

2. Yoda

If your kitten lives in a multi-pet household, they might be taken under the guidance and teachings of an older and wiser pet. Yoda says “Always pass on what you have learned, ” and your new kitten is ready to learn and take on new challenges. With 639 Trupanion pets named Yoda, it’s no surprise the leader of the force is the namesake of our furry friends.

3. Chewbacca

Certainly, Chewbacca (a.k.a. Chewie) is one of the most beloved sidekick characters across the Star Wars universe. Remarkably, 479 Trupanion pets answer to Chewbacca, and we’d certainly love a Chewbacca by our side any day.

4. Rey

A scavenger from Jakku turned potential new Jedi, Rey is a force unforeseen by the First Order. If you have a curious and smart new best mate exploring your household, Rey might be the perfect cat Star Wars name to consider! Likewise, 307 Trupanion pets answer to the name Rey, and we’re happy to know they’re an ally to their humans.

5. Jedi

A protector of the Force, such as the Jedi, sees the light and good within the universe and is sensitive to those that feel otherwise. With 146 Trupanion pets named Jedi protecting homes across the galaxy, we certainly think Jedi would make a great name for any furry protector.

6. Princess Leia

There is always a princess in the pack. Naturally, one of the most devoted, honorable, and fearless leaders of the rebel alliance is the one and only Princess Leia. Unsurprisingly, 106 Trupanion pets don the name Princess Leia, 29 of whom are feline. We think this is the perfect name for the next cat that joins the family alliance.

7. Han Solo

A brave pilot of the Millennium Falcon, a hero and leader of the Force, and a man who is known for his wit and taste for adventure. If you have an adventure seeking furry friend in your household, look no further than Han Solo. With 49 Trupanion pets answering to the name Han Solo, you’re sure in for a fun and interesting day!

8. Jabba the Hutt

Certainly, if you’ve got a furry friend who is right in the middle of trouble, chances are their name should be Jabba the Hutt. A crime lord within the galaxy of Tatooine, Jabba seems to know all the ins, outs, and darkest secrets of the galaxy. With 43 Trupanion pets named Jabba, keep your eyes peeled for mischief in your home!

9. Luke Skywalker

A heroic leader and one of the greatest Jedi masters of his time, Luke Skywalker, continues to be a character of mystery, intrigue, and heroism within the Star Wars universe. With 33 Trupanion pets using the Force to wield more love and cuddles from pet owners and families alike, a Luke Skywalker would certainly be a welcome new addition to any household.

10. Darth Vader

Lastly, we have Darth Vader, a previous Jedi who turned to the dark side of the Force and became known as one of the galaxies most powerful villains. A legacy in all galaxies, Darth Vader dons the name of 33 Trupanion pets. In addition, 45% Darth Vader pets are cats, ranging from Domestic Shorthairs to mixed breeds. Certainly, Darth Vader is a distinct name to consider for the powerful feline friend in your home.

These kittens are out of this world happy for their cat star wars names.

Cat Star Wars names: a memorable namesake for all furry friends

If you choose to give your cat a Star Wars name, it will definitely be out of this world. In addition, it is a fun way to personalize your cat’s tag, gear, and cat care items. An honorable mention goes out Captain Phasma, a unique Trupanion member with a galactic name. Whether you have a rebel, leader, mischevious sidekick, or loyal companion, each can benefit from a Star Wars-inspired pet name. After all, who doesn’t want to spend Caturday with Princess Leia?

What is your favorite Cat Star wars name?

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