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#VeterinaryLove: Celebrating Veterinary Professionals

Here at Trupanion, we love our veterinary professionals. From the front desk to behind the exam room door, our trusted veterinarians, technicians, and specialists support the health and wellness of our cherished pets. We couldn’t be more grateful for the work they do. That’s why we created Veterinary Appreciation Day™! Every year on June 18, we celebrate the veterinary team members who spend their days dedicated to providing the best care for our pets.

Share your #VeterinaryLove

Pets are important members of our families, and the veterinary professionals that help us keep our furry friends happy and healthy are essential. However, our veterinary teams don’t always get the recognition they deserve. As a result, we have set aside June 18, Veterinary Appreciation Day™, to give thanks share our #VeterinaryLove far and wide!

Do you have a special story about how your pet’s veterinary professionals ultimately made a difference in your pet’s life? For example, do the people in your veterinary office greet you or your pet in a special way? Or does your veterinarian have a sparkling bedside manner? Tell us your story on Instagram and Twitter. In addition, tag your veterinary office, share a special picture of your pet and use the hashtag #VeterinaryLove. Not only will your veterinary professionals see your shout out, but so will the world!

#VeterinaryLove Live in Times Square

Trupanion will be broadcasting all your #VeterinaryLove tweets and Insta-posts live in Times Square on the NASDAQ tower on Veterinary Appreciation Day™. Additionally, we will share all your sentiments on the Trupanion social media sites and online closer to June 18th. Until then, you can find the history of Veterinary Appreciation Day™ and how we’ve celebrated in the past.

Supporting our Veterinary Professionals

We work hand-in-hand with veterinary professionals across North America to help pets get the best medical care possible. Moreover, all the veterinary professionals we know are hard-working, dedicated and passionate. They have extensive training, work long hours, and above all, they are emotionally invested in the best outcomes for our furry family members.

In recent years, it has come to light that many veterinary professionals are having a hard time. The cost of care is increasing, which has put a strain on their clients’ ability to pay. Further, many veterinary professionals experience compassion fatigue and depression due to the emotional nature of treating sick and older pets.

A Mighty Partnership


This Veterinary Appreciation Day™, Trupanion has partnered with MightyVet, a non-profit that provides continuing education, mentorship, and other resources to support veterinarians in their career and well-being. With this intention, Trupanion and MightyVet are honoring veterinary team members in celebration of this special day.

Veterinary Appreciation Day™ is June 18

Help us celebrate our veterinary professionals!

“On June 18th, we encourage animal lovers everywhere to show their appreciation and say thanks to the compassionate veterinary professionals dedicated to helping animals who mean so much to us and help us live better lives,” said Darryl Rawlings, Trupanion founder and CEO. “We know your work is hard, and we want you to know that we appreciate everything you do.”

With this in mind, you can show your appreciation by posting photos and stories about their veterinary team on Twitter and Instagram, including the hashtag #VeterinaryLove.

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