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Indy: Treatment for Life

Learn how Indy receives treatment for life through Trupanion.

In 2012 my eight weeks old Miniature Australian Shepherd puppy joined our multigenerational family.

Indy grew up healthy, happy and loved.

At age 3, he became suddenly very picky about food. It was thought he was holding out for ‘people food’. But I was worried, and when the vet mentioned blood tests, I let him take blood.

Around this time, not knowing where this was going, I contacted Trupanion.

Certainly, I was shocked to learn that Indy’s liver function tests were highly abnormal.

Because of his young age and general good health, we were hopeful some liver support and time would normalize this, especially since the ultrasound was unremarkable. Indy failed to improve, and his appetite was very poor.

So, after resisting the idea of a liver biopsy, I finally agreed that it was necessary.

I was told this procedure might best be pre-approved by Trupanion because of cost. But by now I was desperate to get this done. I asked to have the biopsy booked, and if necessary I would pay somehow. There was no other way to reach a diagnosis

Trupanion paid 90 % of the surgical liver biopsy!

The result of the biopsy was devastating…

The day my poor pup’s stitches were pulled, we saw the veterinary internist, who told me Indy’s disease, triggered by unknown factors, would not likely be cured but managed. This involves regular blood tests, medication and special food for the rest of his life. Indy is responding well to treatment so far.

Most important of all, Trupanion has been as good as their word, paying 90 % of all the blood tests and of all the medication for nearly three years already. I pay for consultations and special food.

When I mentioned to Indy’s specialist, how lucky I feel for having bought pet insurance, he said ‘not lucky, smart!’


Toronto, Ontario

Date enrolled: February 2013

Conditions: Hepatopathy

The Trupanion Policy Paid: $15,465.61

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