The Importance of Medical Insurance for Working Dogs
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The Importance of Medical Insurance for Working Dogs

The importance of medical insurance for working dogs - learn more about Vested Interest in K9s.

Working dogs are on the job every day. Many any are serving their communities and work as part of a team, such as a K9 unit, to help keep cities and streets safe. Essentially, their duties are to provide protection and safety to the community they serve – but what protects them? The handler and K9 are a unified team, on and off duty, and protect each other at all costs. Similarly, the K9 can be put in harm’s way protecting their partner and the community they serve.

To assist animals who work so diligently, Trupanion* provides medical insurance for working dogs while they are on duty. We sat down with Sandy Marcal, President of Vested Interest in K9s, to further explore the importance of protecting working dogs while they are on duty.

As we explore below, medical insurance is changing the way working dogs can serve their communities now and for the foreseeable future.

Medical insurance for working dogs: essential while on duty to protect and serve

Learn more about The importance of medical insurance for working dogs - learn more about Vested Interest in K9s.

Vested Interest in K9s

Sandy Marcal, the founder of the 501c (3) non-profit organization Vested Interest in K9s, began with a passion for helping animals and the drive to do more. Interestingly, as a life-long animal advocate, she learned more on the subject of working dogs through the film “Rain,” which inspired her to do more.

Because of this, her passion grew to help four-legged officers obtain the protection they need with life-saving body armor. Additionally, her passion for working dogs lead her to volunteer within her community to form a nationally recognized non-profit.

Vested Interest in K9s has played an integral role in the safety, health, and wellness of working dogs on duty. Not only are they able to protect dogs who are actively serving their community, but they are hoping to expand their program.

Consider the following highlights of Vested Interest in K9s:

  • 3,400 protective vests donated across all 50 states of the United States
  • Funds first aid medical kits for working K9 units ($20,000 in kits)
  • Donated 800 of K9 opioid reversal NARCAN kits
  • 81 K9s insured with Trupanion *
  • Healthcare for K9 Heroes Program (in conjunction with Trupanion)

Medical insurance for working dogs: why it is important

K9 working dogs are exposed to a number of toxic and unstable environments when they work on the job. That’s why it is incredibly important that they are protected from illnesses or injuries while they’re on duty. The Trupanion policy provides medical insurance for working dogs under the Healthcare for K9 Heroes program.

Because of this program, Vested Interest for K9s allows for active working dogs on duty to seek medical care at any veterinarian across the United States. Further, there are currently 81 K9s insured with Trupanion* under the Healthcare for K9 Heroes Program – over $60,000 in premiums have been paid! To learn more about the Healthcare for K9 Heroes Program and how it can help your department, check out the details here.

The true reality behind working dogs on duty

K9 working dogs exposure to dangerous elements can result in tough decisions. Naturally, K9 working dogs are a part of the family, whether they are on or off duty. Certainly, no one wants to weigh finances over K9s getting the medical care they need.

Sandy Marcal weighs in on the reality behind working dogs on duty –

“While most K9s are regarded as a valuable member of the force and a loving member of their handler’s family off hours, sometimes the lack of funding creates a difficult decision for a department when a K9 gets seriously injured or sick. As sad as it is to say, available funding may be the difference between getting needed medical care and rehabilitative therapy or retiring a K9 partner with the financial burden upon the handler.”

Further, medical insurance for working dogs allows K9s to get the medical care they need, with no max limit for their medical care. Unfortunately, without insurance departments might not be able to foot the bill if K9s are injured while on duty.

The impact of medical insurance for working dogs

Medical insurance for working dogs is saving lives. Because of this, K9s are able to get the treatment they need and go back to work as a part of their unit.

Certainly, Vested Interest for K9s provides an incredible resource on a national level, doing everything they can to protect the K9s on duty. With everything from protective vests to the Healthcare for K9s Heroes program, they truly are making a daily difference.

By partnering with Trupanion Group Benefits Program, Vested Interest in K9s is able to facilitate the medical care needs for those dogs on duty. As Vested Interest for K9s looks towards the future they hope to provide more donations of K9 vehicles to departments. Their initial donation was made in November of 2018. “The work, however, is far from over; it’s estimated that at any one time there are over 30,000 active duty K9s and more are being trained for duty each day,” says Marcal.

Trupanion Group Benefits

Trupanion Group Benefits provides a benefit to employers looking to provide more versatility in their benefits package. Currently, 100 companies partner with Trupanion to add this very unique benefit to their workplace.

If this sounds like a workplace perk you’d like to include to your team, consider talking with your human resources department on how Trupanion’s group benefits can enhance your team’s well-being.

Medical insurance for working dogs: protection where it matters

K9 working dogs are on the job of protecting our cities, streets, and communities. Organizations such as Vested Interest for K9s are protecting the K9s with resources that give them the ability to excel at their job. No one wants to make the decision for a dog not to receive treatment over finances. This eliminates that worry and provides the peace of mind for all those involved.

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