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MightyVet: Changing an Industry

Learn more about how MightyVet is changing an industry.

When you embark into the world of veterinary medicine, whether you’re a veterinarian or a veterinary team member, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience knowing that you are able to help all the pets receive the best veterinary care possible. Undoubtedly, while the opportunity to help pets is ultimately why people choose this profession, there are realities of the industry of which some veterinary professionals are not fully aware.

In honor of Veterinary Appreciation Day TM, celebrated on June 18, we wanted to show our love and appreciation for all veterinarians and veterinary team members and thank them for the work they do on a daily basis with our pets. Naturally, it’s important to feel that you have a support system whether you are a seasoned veterinarian or a new veterinary professional. Further, a supportive community for veterinarians and their teams is necessary. That way they can join to receive education and mentorship, and be heard in their professional community.

We sat down with program director of MightyVet, Heather Kalinowski, to discuss the importance of community within the veterinary field and the efforts to start a positive change.

MightyVet: providing support for the veterinary community

MightyVet program director Heather Kalinowski with Daisy
MightyVet program director :Heather Kalinowski with Daisy

The sense of community and the feeling of acceptance and support is an incredibly important component of any business, organization, or work culture. Fortunately, MightyVet is paving the way for creating this type of communal space in the pet health industry. Likewise, it starts with the opportunity for a conversation.

What is MightyVet?

“MightyVet is an industry-wide organization dedicated to bridging the gap in veterinary medicine so that veterinarians and veterinary teams are aware of and prepared for the challenges they will face in practice,” says program director of MightyVet Heather Kalinowski. For example, when you are in a quick-moving industry like veterinary medicine, it certainly is helpful to have resources available to you.

The purpose behind MightyVet

Every organization has a purpose.

For instance, it might be a mission they’re trying to fulfill, an impact they’re trying to make, or a community they’re trying to support. Notably, MightyVet is no exception, and certainly working with purpose is a shift in the right direction.

Kalinowski weighs in on the reason behind the why –

“Veterinarians graduate from school with the highest level of medical expertise, ready to use that knowledge to help pets live the longest, healthiest lives possible. Unfortunately, often once they join a practice, they are shell-shocked with the realities of veterinary care, including the high prevalence of unnecessary euthanasia, uncomfortable conversations with clients, and overall lack of business knowledge. Also, data has shown that the high prevalence of burnout, compassion fatigue, and suicide in the industry can be attributed to the lack of awareness. We want to reverse this trend and ensure veterinarians and veterinary team members are prepared for the non-medical aspects of veterinary medicine, so they can focus on the wonderful things veterinary medicine has to offer…To that end, we have partnered with several industry partners to create a digital community that acts as a sort of “handbook” for life in the veterinary industry.”

The advantage of connecting with MightyVet

Granted, when you have the tools and resources you need in your career, you are more likely to succeed. Certainly, when you have a resource within the veterinary field, a little goes a long way.

Consider the following resources available with MightyVet: veterinary continuing education

  • Free on-demand continuing education
  • Worldwide mentorship opportunities
  • Informative articles by industry professionals

Kalinowski points out, “There is no cost to join and all our resources are – and always will be – free. In addition, this is not just for veterinarians! We encourage all veterinary team members – receptionists, practice managers, kennel attendants, technicians, and all others – to join as we know burnout and compassion fatigue is a team issue that does not just affect veterinarians.”

The pet owner and veterinarian relationship

The relationship between the pet owner and the veterinarian is a trusted and special relationship.

Moreover, we trust our veterinarians and regard their expertise and insight to help our pets. Also, we can all improve the way we communicate with one another.

“We also encourage pet owners to join the movement. We feel that pet owners and veterinarians need to better understand each other and by joining forces, conversations will be more positive. Naturally, it will create a partnership between pet owner and veterinarian instead of conflict,” points out Kalinowski.

Essentially, you’re working together as a team, and communication is the main component of that conversation. Consider taking the opportunity to thank your veterinarian and checking in with them.

MightyVet: creating a community with a purpose

MightyVet: creating a community with a purpose

Most of all, MightyVet is on a mission to create a community with purpose. Significantly, they provide support to the veterinary community, and supply resources and opportunities that might not have been available prior. Naturally, it starts with a conversation. Consider using compassion to support those that need a helping hand in the veterinary field.

Further, to learn more about the opportunities available at MightyVet.

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