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Seven Royal Baby Pet Names to Consider

Consider one of these seven royal baby pet names for your new addition.

If a new kitten or puppy has recently joined the family, and you haven’t found a name that fits your furry friend, we’ve got a list of royal baby pet names to consider. Your pet’s name is an important part of your pet’s journey. From cherished memories to extravagant stories, your pet inspires everyone they meet, and their name is unforgettable. Certainly, every furry friend deserves to be treated like royalty. With 17,120 pet names in the Trupanion database, we hereby proclaim some of the most popular choices for your new baby pet addition.

Seven royal baby pet names for your next best friend

Royal baby pet names - a fun namesake for a new puppy or kitten.


Being a part of the royal family often comes with a title. In fact, 4,572 Trupanion dogs and cats don the name Duke. These furry friends reign the household and all the joys that come with the regal title.


If your pup is king of the dog park, chances are their name is Henry. Further, 2,935 Trupanion pets play happily with the name Henry and proclaim their space for years to come.


A popular name among royal families, George, is also an admired name for Trupanion pets. With 2,133 Trupanion dogs and cats named George, we certainly agree with the name choice of entitlement.


A baby pet deserves all the love, devotion, and attention from their new family. Undoubtedly, the name Archie makes a great addition to any home. Furthermore, with 1,394 Trupanion pets curling up with the royal name, we think it’s absolutely adorable.


There is a princess in every family, and chances are it might be your new puppy or kitten. For instance, 1,172 Trupanion pets are named Charlotte, and they are magnificent in every way possible.


A classic royal name, such as Harry, is a great namesake for any new puppy or kitten. 1,108 Trupanion pets don the regal namesake which surely commands attention.


Every new pet owner wants the very best for their furry friend, and that includes the most unique name! With 895 Trupanion pets heeding to the name Louis there is no doubt they stand out from the pack.

Royal baby pet names: regal namesakes for your best friend

Whether you have a darling kitten or a dashing puppy, a royal baby pet name is quite the way to proclaim your baby pet’s announcement to join your family. Also, it can make for a fun and unique way to personalize their attire, collars, and pet care items. Consider a royal baby pet name for your next best friend, and surely their presence will result in smiles for all family members for the years to come.

What royal baby name inspires your pet?

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