Trupanion Food Drive 2019: Feeding Animals in Need
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Trupanion Food Drive 2019: Feeding Animals in Need

Learn the donations from the Trupanion pet food drive 2019.

During April 30- May 20 of this year, the Trupanion food drive 2019, was in action pledging to collect 11 tons of pet food for animals in need. Our Trupanion team members across the United States and Canada were on the ground raising funds and donating as many bags of food as possible. Naturally, whenever there is a chance to give back within our community to help pets in need, we look forward to the opportunity every year. We are thrilled to announce our results and recipients of the Trupanion food drive 2019, and we look forward to feeding animals in need for years to come.

Trupanion food drive 2019: helping animals get the food they need

The history of the Trupanion food drive

Since the inception of the Trupanion food drive, over the past eight years, we have donated a total of 32.86 tons – or 65,729.75 pounds- of pet food. In addition, these donations are given to animal welfare organizations, animal shelters, and pet food banks within the local community. Certainly, something as simple as a bowl of food can have a grand impact within a community. Unfortunately, from natural disasters to emergencies, animal shelters can become over-crowded and food is always an essential commodity.

Who are the recipients of the Trupanion food drive?

The recipients of the Trupanion food drive can very year to year. Check out the following organizations who will receive donations from Trupanion food drive 2019:

The impact on animal welfare organizations

Resources can be a scarcity within animal welfare organizations. Indeed, an opportunity to help animals in need, such as being able to supply food or pet care items, is truly one in a million. Of course, our Trupanion team members are pet passionate and enjoy giving back and volunteering within their local community. As a company, we raised 12 tons of food (that’s 24,024.75 pounds!) and will be delivering the food to the organizations next week.

And we have to give a big thanks to our friends at Rayne, who donated an extra 9,000 pounds of food, making our total 16.5 tons of food!

Learn how the Trupanion Food Drive 2019 is impacting their local animal welfare community.

Helping pets within the local community

Connecting with organizations, giving back, and being pet-passionate, is truly at the core of our culture. Essentially, we strive to help pets and animal welfare organizations within the community.


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