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Unexpected Surgery and Treatment for Mecho

Learn how an energetic pup named Mecho trip to the vet resulted in an unexpected surgery and treatment for years to come.

Mecho was enrolled in Trupanion as a young and full of energy puppy.

No one ever knows what life has in store for you and this was so true with our girl, Mecho.

On June 2, 2017, Mecho began showing signs of excessive drooling and not eating. We took her to a local emergency vet clinic, and they diagnosed her with Kennel Cough. When she didn’t get better, our own vet saw did bloodwork and X-rays.

It was then that we were informed something was not right in her chest and should head immediately to (MOV) Mississauga Oakville Veterinary Emergency Hospital. There they performed more tests on Mecho. Their thought was Cancer and told us that their location would refer her to (OVC) Ontario Veterinary College. We paid our bill by credit card and took her home for the night to possibly say goodbye. The next day we headed to Ontario Veterinary Clinic.

To our surprise – they said it was a twisted lung lobe that was causing her distress and if they removed it, they expected that she would have a full recovery.

We immediately called Trupanion to see if this very expensive surgery would be covered and was given pre-authorized approval. It was so easy and took so much pressure off us in this very difficult time of decision-making. We didn’t have to worry about covering the thousands of dollars cost to us but could focus on our Mecho and her surgery and recovery. Each time we contacted the representative at Trupanion, they first and foremost asked how she was doing. They cared as if it was their own pet.

As Mecho healed from her surgery we received payment back from Trupanion every time we submitted our paid receipts. We thought our time at OVC was behind us when Mecho took a turn for the worse. Our local vet noticed Mecho sounded very muffled and suggested we pay another visit to OVC to have it checked out.

Mecho was able to get the care she needed through her Trupanion insurance.

Again, a green light was given for Mecho’s continued care under her Trupanion insurance.

It turned out because of the lung issue Mecho had developed large quantities of fluid in and around her chest and lungs.

Trupanion continued to be there as we spent many months and veterinary visits to OVC with this continuing problem. Also, Mecho required medicine recommended to help reduce the fluid in her chest and lungs. Again, Trupanion covered 90% of the cost. Today Mecho is doing much better. She sees a local dr. monthly for checkups and when things don’t sound right, she is sent right off to OVC for a more in-depth check of her condition.

We recently had another scare with Mecho. She lost control of her balance and her back legs collapsed under her. Because of this, she was rushed to OVC in the Neurology department and was given an MRI. Initially, they thought it might be cancer, but after taking samples we were relieved there was no tumor just a very bad inner ear problem.

A second major issue with Mecho, which after paying our deductible, Trupanion stepped up and covered our medical expenses yet again. Also, filing the paperwork online was so easy and they were very quick to respond.

Mecho certainly has been through a lot in the last couple of years.

Luckily for us, we had the foresight to sign her up for Trupanion insurance. They have been their every step of the way helping us financially to keep our girl healthy and under excellent doctor’s care. Trupanion has and will continue to be in our corner and we always take the opportunity to tell people how important it is to have the right insurance for peace of mind.

Mecho is happily back to work as a therapy dog with Therapeutic Paws of Canada.
Mecho is happy to be back at work as a therapy dog with Therapeutic Paws of Canada.

Thank you Trupanion – Mecho- is with us today because of you.

Also, a special thank you to all the staff at the veterinary clinics, such as OVC, Grimsby Animal Hospital (Dr. Suzi Peters) and Wilson’s Animal Hospital (Dr. Dave Wilson) as they all see the benefits of having great insurance.

-Lori & Jim T.


Ontario, Canada

Date Enrolled: December 2011

Conditions: Lung Lobe Torsion

The Trupanion Policy Paid: $16,535.33

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