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Diversity in the Workplace with Trupanion

Dogs love everyone. Take a closer look into Trupanion's diversity in the workplace initiative and what's in store for the future.

When people go to work every day, they want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. In essence, they want to feel a part of something purposeful, meaningful, and they want to be included. Naturally, there many types of people and personalities that make up the core of an organization – but what is at the root of a successful organization? We sat down with Trupanion recruiting manager, Amy Kirsch, who unveils a closer look into Trupanion’s diversity in the workplace initiative and what’s in store for the future.

The importance of diversity in the workplace

Diversity in the workplace is an essential element to help achieve a productive and fulfilled team. In addition, a culture that supports diversity and inclusion in the workplace is a critical stepping-stone to the success of team members and the long-term wellness of the organization. Naturally, it might take time to change the current dynamic of any workplace. However, starting small and making an authentic effort can create a positive shift over time.

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace with Trupanion: it starts with the culture

Dogs love everyone. Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace with Trupanion

It all starts with the culture behind the organization. In some ways, Trupanion’s culture had a foundation of inclusion from the start. For instance, “we believe you should be who you are,” states Kirsch. Further, with a casual work environment and no dress code, we place value in the quality of work you do, not outward appearances.

Essentially, by having the opportunity to be your true self, your originality can make quite an impact on the organization. For example, authenticity, originality, and sincerity are all part of Trupanion’s core values.

These qualities can translate across departments in the workplace through effective communication, successful collaboration, and inspiring leadership.

Inclusion in the workplace: Trupanion TRUPRIDE

We embrace the ideals of what Pride stands for and welcome this as a part of our family culture. Because of this, the TRUPRIDE group at Trupanion was founded. Further, TRUPRIDE is a group made up of Trupanion team members who are either a part of the LGBTQIA+ community or an ally of this community. While this passion project was started two years ago, with just two members, the group has grown organically to over 70 members and continues to grow every day.

Kirsch weighs in the on the beginning of TRUPRIDE:

“I created TRUPRIDE not only to be a support system for our community that is already in place, but also for the new hires to know immediately there is a safe space for them,” points out Kirsch.

Consider these additional factors on how TRUPRIDE elevates the workplace environment:

  • Support of senior leadership
  • Provides a trusting space
  • Supportive network to create allies
  • Fosters creative relationships and collaboration across departments
  • Provides a fun space to hang out and make memories
  • An avenue to provide career learning and growth

In addition to providing a supportive environment, TRUPRIDE also facilitates additional resources to educate their team members on gender in the workplace. For instance, members offer a continuing education webinar on gender-inclusive language and sponsor Pride events in the office. TRUPRIDE walked in the 45th Annual Seattle PRIDE Parade on Sunday, June 30, 2019.

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace: the role it plays

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace open up opportunity, a chance to effectively collaborate across teams, and nurtures a safe and healthy work environment for all. Also, it provides opportunities across departments for growth, career advancement, and movement within the company. Certainly, all team members are encouraged to pursue their passions that align with their career aspirations.

Leadership opportunity at Trupanion

Moreover, women in leadership continue to make a lasting impact in the Trupanion workplace. Likewise, every team member is given the opportunity to grow and advance in their career.

Consider the following statistics of women in leadership at Trupanion:

  • Nearly 33% of chief officer roles within the organization are women
  • About 48% of senior leadership, such as VP and department heads, are women
  • Roughly 70% of positions in management are women
  • Generally, 25% of the roles in tech are women

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace: working together for a stronger culture

Diversity in the workplace is essential to everything from collaboration to team building. We sat down with Marissa Villegas, the head of Trupanion’s newest resource group, TruLOVE.

TruLOVE stands for Leadership of Various Ethnicities in Trupanion. In addition, this new resource group is for people of color and allies of people of color.

” TruLOVE’s mission is to create and maintain a culture of respect and diversity at Trupanion and within our community. We will do so by empowering people of color to thrive and make a lasting impact on our organization. “

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace - the true embodiment of the word team.

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace: the true embodiment of the word team

Diversity in the workplace is a chance to change the way we’re thinking and evolve and better support our fellow team members. In essence, we are taking care of our team members and creating a healthy, happy, and productive work environment.

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