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DOGTV: Enrichment Television for Your Dog

As a responsible pet owner, it is important to provide interaction and enrichment for your pet’s overall mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Naturally, when you are away from home, it can be easy for your pup to become stressed, anxious, or get into something they shouldn’t. Unsurprisingly, stimulation is a wonderful way to provide enrichment to your pup no matter the age. Learn more about the importance of home enrichment from our friends at DOGTV.

DOGTV: a television entertainment experience for your pup

DogTV: entertainment for your dogs at home.

What is DOGTV?

DOGTV is the first television channel and experience catered to your dogs. In fact, the versatile programming of DOGTV provides comfort and stimulation through relaxation and exposure elements. Further, this enriching programming was designed and developed by leading pet experts and pet-lovers alike.

The health benefits of DOGTV

The mind behind DOGTV had a goal to provide a way for your dog to relax and be comforted by sights and sounds that promote happy stimulation. For example, all of the patterns, colors, sights, and sounds are from a dog’s perspective and have been shown to stimulate, entertain and relax dogs that are at home when you are away. Consider providing some auditory and visual enrichment for positive well-being while you’re out of the house.

Check out this dog-friendly relaxation sample from our friends at DOGTV

The enrichment features of DOGTV

By providing different types of interactive enrichment throughout your pet’s day, you are providing them variety. Likewise, an enriched dog is a happy dog! Indeed, the health benefits of enrichment provide mental stimulation that can curb stress, anxiety, and behavioral issues. For instance, if you have a dog prone to separation anxiety, DogTV can be a source of calm, happiness, and entertainment for your dog while you’re away.

Consider the following types of enrichment features that DogTV provides to your furry friends:

Relaxation programming

  • Found to reduce stress and anxiety in dogs by providing calming sights and sounds.

Stimulation programming

Exposure programming

  • Pet-friendly programming that focuses on exposure elements to help your dog acclimate to new environments, such as the sights and sounds of a busy city or traveling in a car.

The benefit of DOGTV for home enrichment

The benefit of adding home enrichment to your pet-friendly home is being able to provide a supportive and nurturing source of entertainment for your pets while you are away. Further, the stimulation is beneficial to combat behavioral concerns, such as anxiety and stress, and can be used as a tool for the overall wellness of your furry friends.


DogTV: enriching health and wellness for your pups in the comfort of your home

The health and happiness of your dog is your number one priority as a pet owner. In addition, by providing a channel of relaxing and stimulating content to entertain your pup while you are away, you can have the peace of mind they are enjoying their time at home.

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