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Five Ways to Enrich Your Home for Your Dog

Learn five ways to enrich your home for your dog from our friends at DOGTV.

If you’re like many pet owners, your dog spends the majority of their time at home. They stay at home while you’re at work. They stay home while you run errands. Because your dogs spend a lot of time at home, pet owners are looking for ways to enrich their homes for their dog’s enjoyment, contentment, and comfort.

Have you ever looked at your home and wondered, “Is my dog happy and comfortable here while I am away?” Read on to learn five ways to enrich your home for your dog.

Here are five of our favorite ways to enrich your home for your dog:

A comfortable temperature

In the winter, keep your home warm enough for your dog to sleep comfortably. In the summer, keep the home cool enough that they will not get overheated. Run the air conditioner, or turn on a fan to keep the air circulating; this will cool the room and will also help provide background noise for your dog. If your dog is in a crate while you’re away, make certain he isn’t in a spot that is too sunny, and also make sure there is adequate air circulation to keep them cool.

A space to call their own

Whether your dog sleeps on the couch, in a crate or on a rug in front of the door, they should have a place to call their own. The bed is a place of comfort. It’s a space they will go when they are stressed, anxious or if she simply wants to lie down and relax and await your return.

Keep your dog company

When your dog is home alone, don’t leave them in a silent environment. If they are in a house where there is no noise, every outside sound will seem amplified — this is especially true for dogs who suffer separation anxiety. Turn on DOGTV and its unique, scientifically-developed programming. The programming on DOGTV is designed to relax your dog and keep them company while you’re away. In fact, certain sights and sounds can enrich your dog’s home environment. 

Easy access to fresh water

No matter if you’re home or away, your dog should always have easy access to a fresh bowl of water. Whether you use a standard bowl or a fountain water feeder, it should always be available for those times your dog needs a drink. Our dogs don’t always drink enough water and that is an even more important reason to always have it easily and readily available.

Toys, Toys, Toys

What dog doesn’t love to play with toys? From stuffed toys with squeakers to chew toys to keep even the strongest chewer occupied, toys might keep your pup from chewing your favorite shoes! Gather your dog’s toys in one area and put them in a container she can reach and pull out her favorite toy. You may even want to consider swapping out toys occasionally; just like children get bored of certain toys, so too will your dog. If you really want to enrich your dog’s life, give them a snuffle mat or a puzzle food toy to keep them occupied and provide some snacks while you’re away.

Enrich your home for your dog: essential pet-friendly living

Our dogs are family and we want to do what we can to assure they are happy at home. Enriching their environment by making small changes can make a big difference!

What have you done to enrich your home for the benefit of your dog?

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