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Excellent Care and Coverage for Gus

Medical care and life-time coverage for Gus.

This summer Gus started itching and scratching his skin. Dr. Kaiser at Animal Clinic of Mandarin had his allergy testing done right away and diagnosed him with Atopy. She started him on antibiotics to clear up his skin and also prescribed an allergy-specific diet. He has been doing much better!

Gus is a nervous little guy and it’s great that he can stay in good health with simple monthly injections for his allergies.

In addition to the excellent care provided, I am also grateful that they accept and file the necessary paperwork for Trupanion. Not all clinics handle the insurance process from start to finish, and I’m so happy that Animal Clinic of Mandarin does – I don’t have to complete any additional paperwork on my own.

In two short years, Trupanion has saved me $3,916.46!

I don’t know what needs or expenses Gus will have in the future, but I am certain Trupanion will continue to provide excellent savings!


Jacksonville, Florida

Date Enrolled: August 2016

Condition: Allergies

The Trupanion Policy Paid: $3,916.46

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