Pet Exercise: Five Ways to Incorporate it Into Your Day
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Pet Exercise: Five Ways to Incorporate it Into Your Day

Learn how to incorporate pet exercise into your day.

Pet exercise is a positive health benefit not only for your pets, but also for the entire family. Certainly, the shared experience of exercise can have amazing health benefits for your furry friends. Obviously, between your busy schedules and daily routines, it can be hard to find extra time in the day. We sat down with our Trupanion pet program manager to learn more about the importance of pet exercise and these five easy ways to incorporate into your day.

Five ways to incorporate pet exercise into your day

daily walks are a great form of pet exercise

Daily walks

A classic for a reason! Daily walks are a great way for pets and pet owners to spend quality time together. In addition, it gives your pets the chance to get out and stretch their legs out in nature. Also, the devoted one-on-one time is a great way to strengthen your relationship and human-pet bond. Consider early morning or early evening walk for cooler temperatures.

Interactive play-time

Enrichment and interactive play-time is an opportunity for your furry friend to learn, grow, and have fun! For example, enrichment toys like puzzle feeders, snuffle mats, and laser pointers, provide emotional, mental, and physical stimulation. Also, these interactive toys give you the chance to take the time and play with your pets. Further, enrichment toys and interactive play have been shown to help curb stress and anxiety in pets. Have no doubt, this is a fun way to bond and take a break from screen-time.

Routine training

Routine training is a chance to exercise your pet’s mental stimulation during regular daily activities. For example, try having your pet hold for food or wait at the front door prior to a dog walk. Essentially, this skill sharpens their focus, patience, and further solidifies the human-pet bond. “A well- exercised dog is a happy dog,” states on-site Trupanion pet program manager, J. Marmol.

Specialized training

Another form of unique pet exercise is incorporating specialized training into your daily routine. For instance, every dog is different and unique and might take to learning new skills differently. Consider practicing hand signals or exposure to a new environment. “Every new environment is a training opportunity,” says Marmol. Further, not only is your pet learning new skills, but you are learning together to work as a team.

Play-date with friends

While basic obedience training is an essential skill for every furry friend, sometimes it’s great to meet up and have a play-date with friends. For example, whether you opt for a fun day at the dog park or a sports agility class, it certainly provides a chance for your pup to be their excitable self. Most importantly, pet exercise can be fun for all parties!

Pet exercise is a wonderful way to bond with your furry friend.

Pet exercise: positive bonding and wellness for the entire family

Pet exercise gives your best friend the chance to learn new skills, have fun, and engage in interactive playtime. Also, by spending time together you are further creating lasting memories for years to come.

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