Sierra: Important Medical Care Brought Baby Hound Back Home
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Sierra: Important Medical Care Brought Baby Hound Back Home

Sierra is my love-able but lazy two and half-year-old Blue Tick Coonhound.

Last summer I woke up to find my rug in a ball moved away from the door. At the time, I was also fostering another dog did not know who was the culprit.

The next morning, I quickly realized it must have been Sierra. She was vomiting undigested food and was even more lazy than usual. Being a registered veterinary technician, I had the benefit of monitoring and supportive care including intravenous fluids, pain medications, stomach calming medications, and diagnostic tools at work, but my efforts were inconclusive. She vomited up a large pile of the rug and I thought we were in the clear.

The next morning she was stretching oddly and looked miserable. She also started to vomit again, except this time it smelled rotten. I knew then that a piece of the rug was stuck and causing severe damage.

Sierra was quickly referred to our local emergency clinic for emergency care.

That night, Sierra had to undergo a lengthy surgery with several complications. The linear foreign body extended from her stomach to her colon. The surgeons had to remove a long segment of dead bowel.
She needed three plasma transfusions, a feeding tube and a lot of love in the intensive care unit following her surgery.

I am so glad Sierra was covered by Trupanion, or cost could have prevented her from having surgery.

It was the greatest feeling bringing her home. Months later, I am so happy I was able to just say yes to the quote and her care. My boyfriend always made fun of me for having insurance, but now he understands why it’s so important. We are so happy to have our baby hound home.
Lindsey M.


Palmerston, Ontario

Date enrolled: May 2011

Condition: Linear Foreign Body Ingestion

The Trupanion policy paid: $6,676.05

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