Veterinary Appreciation Day 2019: Celebrate our Veterinary Professionals
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Veterinary Appreciation Day 2019: Celebrate our Veterinary Professionals

Learn more about Veterinary Appreciation Day 2019!

Happy Veterinary Appreciation Daytm 2019! Today we celebrate all veterinary professionals who work so hard to keep our pets happy and healthy. We want to thank all veterinary medical professionals, from the front desk to behind the exam room door, for everything that they do. Read more about how you can share your thoughts or show your thanks on this veterinary holiday.

Veterinary Appreciation Daytm 2019: to the veterinary medical staff thank you for all you do

Veterinary Appreciation Day 2019: Thank you for all you do!

Tell your story of #VeterinaryLove

Share a story about how your veterinary team made a difference for you and your pet with the tag #VeterinaryLove. For instance, how did your pet’s veterinary clinic make an impact on your pet’s health? Further, did you have an extraordinary experience at an animal hospital? Excitingly, all of your stories will be showcased today on the NASDAQ tower in Times Square!

Thank your veterinarian

Express your gratitude! Consider during your next veterinary appointment to thank your veterinarian and medical staff. They’ll certainly appreciate you taking the time to share your thanks.

Become familiar with the industry

Veterinarians and veterinary medical professionals face hardships and challenges every day in the industry. Consider learning more about, MightyVet, a community that is an on a purposeful mission to create positive change in the industry.

Ask a veterinarian

Take a moment and ask your veterinarian or medical staff how they are doing. Consider asking them why they became a veterinarian or what they love most about their profession. Also, it is a great way to connect and show them how much you appreciate what they do for your furry friends.

Make and gift a self-care kit

Everybody needs a little self-care, and our veterinary professionals are no exception. Unfortunately, long hours on their feet can take a toll on the work week. Try making a self-care kit for the veterinary staff and gift it the next time you’re in office. It’s certainly a nice way to show your appreciation for all their hard work.

Share your thanks on social media

Share your gratitude on social media. For instance, take the time to write a thoughtful review or share a wonderful experience you had at the veterinary clinic. This small gesture can make quite an impact on the clinic. Certainly, the staff will appreciate your kind words.

Veterinary Appreciation Daytm2019: a day to thank those that help our pets

We founded Veterinary Appreciation Day tmto show our thanks and gratitude for the never-ending efforts that veterinarians and veterinary medical professionals exhibit day in and day out with our pets. Thank you for everything you do to help keep our furry friends healthy and happy.

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