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What Cats Teach Us about Friendship

What cats teach us about friendship.

All cats are unique, and they sure know how to show their individuality. They certainly let you know when they need space, but definitely don’t mind cuddling up on those rainy days. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we can learn a great deal from them. The bond between an animal and their pet owner is undeniable and really speaks to the power of the human-pet bond. Read on to learn more about your friendship with your feline friend and what cats can truly teach us.

Friendship: what cats can teach us

It's amazing what cats can teach us about friendship.

How to be independent

Most cats don’t like to be told what to do, where to go, and really go about their own business whenever they like. Naturally, they have their own agenda, and there certainly is no pet like a cat. While not every cat is the same, most cats are fiercely independent. Essentially, their bold everyday choices teach us to find our own independence.

How to be loyal

A cat’s loyalty is fierce. If you’ve had the opportunity to welcome a cat into your home, you probably have a friend for life. Hopefully, from the moment your cat first meets you, they have made the decision to be your loyal best friend.

How to be patient

Cats are there waiting for you at the door when you come home. Sure, maybe they’re waiting to be fed, but we know they’re probably also looking for cuddles. Although they might meow for attention, they certainly have patience when it comes to waiting their turn. Cats teach us patience truly is a virtue.

How to be supportive

If you need a friend to lean on for support, your pets are certainly always there to lend a paw. In essence, pets are our family and when we need them most they are here for us. Whether it’s sitting with us or experiencing those big life moments, they’re always by our side.

What cats teach us about life and everyday moments.

What cats teach us about friendship, life, and everyday moments

Our cats teach us that being a supportive friend and ally is the greatest treasure we could ever have. Obviously, our forever feline friends have a special place in our hearts. After all, they have their own day of the week – Caturday!

What does your cat teach you?

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