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An Essential Guide for Dog Beach Safety

Read on to learn more about dog beach safety.

While you and your family enjoy everything the surf and sun have to offer this summer, beach safety is front of mind for pet owners. Whether you are on a weekend getaway or an extended family vacation, a dog beach safety guide is a beneficial tool when you travel with your pets. From curious puppies to sweet seniors, we’ve got the scoop on dog beach safety tips for every pet owner to consider during the summer season to keep your furry friends protected.

Dog beach safety 101: how to prepare for the beach

Although the beach might be a great place for us to rest and relax, there are beach hazards that can affect the health of your pets.

Be mindful of off-leash dogs

Part of being a responsible pet owner is keeping your pet happy, healthy and safe. While you’re at the beach, be mindful of any off-leash dogs. While socialization is a beneficial factor to a pet’s well-being, it’s best to socialize pups in a safe and monitored environment. Further, you never know how your pup or the other unknown dog might respond to one another.

Plan a pet-friendly beach getaway

When you are on vacation with your pets, you want to be able to enjoy quality time with them. Naturally, a pet-friendly destination includes a versatile selection of accommodations where you can take your best friend with you. Further, knowing which beaches allow dogs and their leash rules can help you prepare for the unexpected and avoid any changes to the itinerary. In addition, having pet emergency apps and the location of the nearest pet emergency hospital can save you time in an unexpected situation.

Pack the pet life-preserver

If you plan to spend any time on or near the water, make sure to pack your pet’s life preserver. It’s better to be prepared and keeps your furry friend safe while you enjoy the waves.

Prep your pup’s paws

From seashells to barnacles, the beach can be a rough place for your dog’s paw pads. For instance, a simple toss of the ball could be disrupted by a cut, scrape, or injury to your furry friends paw pads. Always keep your pet first aid kit handy in case you need a bandage for your best mate. Also, with a variety of terrain from hot sand to asphalt, it’s best to have paw protectant, such as Ruffwear’s Grip Trex booties, available if needed.

Trupanion’s veterinary technician weighs in on the importance of dog beach safety and being mindful of your pet’s paws–

“I’ve seen a ripped paw pad due to a barnacle on the beach. Be mindful of what is around you on the beach, even if you are just out for a walk.”

Keep your eyes out for trash and debris

Certainly, the last thing you want to encounter on a vacation is your puppy ingesting something they shouldn’t. Consider what trash might be on the beach and watch your pup’s behavior. If you have any concerns about possible ingestion, please seek veterinary care for your pet.

Stay in the shade and keep hydrated

Most importantly, keep your pets hydrated. Consider limiting your outdoor time and enjoy some quality rest and relaxation in the shade. Better yet consider timing your beach trip earlier in the day, when it is cooler in temperatures, and you’re more likely to avoid crowds.

Dog beach safety is essential for the health and happiness of your furry friend.

Dog beach safety: tips for the wellness of your pets

Whether you are a seasoned or new pet owner, dog beach safety is essential for the health and happiness of your furry friend. But by remembering to pack pet care items, stay hydrated, and keep an eye on your pets you can achieve a quality beach getaway for all members of the family.

Beat the heat this summer. Make sure you find the coverage that is right for your four-legged friend. To learn more about Trupanion call to speak to one of our pet-loving experts 888.733.2631

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