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Truly Grateful for Trupanion for Dearest Copper

Read on to learn why these Texas pet owners are grateful for Trupanion for dearest Copper.

Read on to learn why these Texas pet owners were truly grateful for Trupanion when they needed medical care for their beloved dog Copper

My dearest Copper is already 10 years old. He was still full of energy and had a very good appetite until one day he just started to lose his footing and stumbled every time he stood up to walk.

We immediately brought Copper to our local vet to get him checked. The vet then referred us to some specialists in San Antonio, Texas. There, he was diagnosed with a fairly small brain tumor (meningioma) in March of this year.

 We were given 4 options— palliative care, radiation, surgery, or surgery & radiation.

I wasn’t ready to lose my “baby”; he was so healthy and was still full of life and still playful before he had the tumor! He is such a perceptive companion! Copper was always there to comfort me when I was in pain— physically and emotionally. He is such a sweet boy that I could not just “give up” on him when it was supposed to be my turn to be there for him during this time; so I thought, palliative care is not even an option. Hence, I thought surgery would be best for him.

 In April, Copper went through surgery. He has since recovered well— he has gained back his appetite and stamina— and I am blessed to still be enjoying his company now!

I have to THANK Trupanion for being so helpful and reliable especially in those times Copper and I were so physically, emotionally, and mentally drained! Thank you for making it somehow easier for us to go through our ordeal! Aside from covering 90% of Copper’s hospital, MRI, and surgical bills, your agents were so easy to talk to, understanding, and compassionate!

Had it not been for you, I might have already lost Copper. I am truly grateful for you, Trupanion, for everything you’ve done and for continuously doing so!

These Texas pet owners were truly grateful for Trupanion , medical insurance for pets.

 Forever thankful,

L. Padilla


Kerrville, Texas

Conditions: Neoplasia, Ataxia, Cyst growth

The Trupanion policy paid: $13,774.95

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