Heat Stroke and Pets: Pet Heatstroke Claims Quadruple in Summer Months
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Heat Stroke and Pets: Pet Heatstroke Claims Quadruple in Summer Months

Heat stroke and pets is an all too common combination seen among dogs and cats of all shapes, ages, and sizes.

With summer in full swing, it is important to be mindful of how the hot weather can affect your furry friends. Heat stroke and pets is an all too common combination seen among dogs and cats of all shapes, ages, and sizes. When you are traveling with your pets you want to have the peace of mind that your pets can enjoy everything the summer season has to offer. Read on to discover the connection between summer claims, heat stroke and your pets.

The connection between the summer season and heat stroke and pets

Trupanion’s historical heat stroke claims

We sat down with our Trupanion data team to look at our historical claims data when it comes to heat stroke and pets. “Trupanion sees four times as many claims related to heat stroke in the summer, such as June, July, August months, compared to the rest of the year,” states Trupanion data analyst Malia Prescott. In addition, the impact on a pet with heat exhaustion varied by region, some of which are surprising.

The data looked at 267 pets that claimed for heat stroke and/or heat exhaustion, and 22% of those pets live in California. Next up, the Trupanion data revealed 12% of those pets live in Florida. Alberta rounded out the top three with 7%.

Consider the following list of pets by the state to see if your state made the list:

State # of pets % of heat stroke claims
CA 60 22%
FL 31 12%
AB 19 7%
TX 15 6%
WA 14 5%
NY 14 5%
ON 12 4%
MA 12 4%
NV 11 4%
NJ 10 4%
BC 9 3%
LA 8 3%
VA 7 1%
AZ 5 2%
OR 4 1%
TN 4 1%
CO 3 1%
NC 3 1%
MD 3 1%
PA 3 1%
SC 2 1%
WI 2 1%
GA 2 1%
MN 2 1%
IA 2 1%
IL 2 1%
UT 1 0%
HI 1 0%
NL 1 0%
NS 1 0%
AL 1 0%
KS 1 0%
CT 1 0%
VT 1 0%

What to look for in regards to heat stroke exhaustion and pets

Trupanion veterinary technician, Aubrey Halverson, weighs in on how to spot signs if your pet may be having a heat stroke.

  • Weakness
  • Ataxia
  • Increased heart rate
  • Excessive drooling
  • Panting

“And even in some extreme cases, possibly a seizure,” points out Halverson. If you have any cause for concern, please seek veterinary care immediately.

Pet heat stroke claim cost

Humans and pets alike can benefit from proper hydration, and the cost of medical care for your furry friends can vary based on the condition of your pet. For instance, the median claimed amount for a heat stroke claim is $360. However, the largest claim for heat stroke was for an English bulldog and totaled $23,152 (Trupanion paid $20,837)! In addition, if your pet needs medication, specialty care, and hospitalization costs start to add up. While you never expect your pet to come down with heat exhaustion, it can happen, and access to high-quality medical care is essential.

Heat stroke and pets - Trupanion breaks down heat stroke claims by month.

The importance of hydration during summer

As temperatures continue to sky-rocket into the triple digits this season, the best way to protect your pet during these heat waves is proper hydration. Consider limiting your time outdoors, take breaks in air-conditioned spaces, and always have water on hand. For instance, if you are traveling or spending time outdoors with your pet, carry a water bottle for convenience. So no matter where you are your furry friend can stay hydrated. Also, consider cooling vests and portable fans as a way to stay cool, healthy, and happy.

Heat stroke and pets - stay hydrated and take breaks often out of the heat.

Heat stroke and pets: protect your pets from the heat

Heat stroke and pets can affect furry friends of all shapes, ages, and sizes. As you venture out to enjoy your summer vacation, make sure to pack the water and keep your best friend hydrated.

How do you keep your furry friends hydrated this season?

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