Extensive Treatment and Medical Care for English Bulldog Mona
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Extensive Treatment and Medical Care for English Bulldog Mona

Read on to learn how this Bull-dog loving pet owner was able to provide the best medical care for her English Bulldog Mona with the help of her insurance.

In loving memory of sweet girl English bulldog Mona Lisa Vito

I grew up in a Bulldog-loving household and am very aware of the walking medical bill that is the English Bulldog breed. So when I brought my bully, Mona Lisa Vito, into my life, I immediately looked into insurance and decided to go with Trupanion.

Fortunately, Mona was the picture of health for her whole life. She had no allergies, no respiratory problems, no eye or ear issues, basically no normal bully problems! I often joked that if I didn’t have the insurance, she probably would have been an asymptomatic nightmare.

However, shortly before she turned 7 years old, she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. I was absolutely devastated, but learned she was an excellent candidate for radiation.

I was relieved to know I could afford it because of my insurance. Between the MRI’s, CT scans, radiation, and follow-up visits, the entire ordeal cost over $15,000 and Trupanion covered 90% of it without hesitation.

If I didn’t have the insurance, I would have put Mona down shortly after diagnosis because without treatment her outcome would have been grim. Because I didn’t need to worry about the financial aspect of things, I was able to keep my sweet girl in this world for an additional 15 months.

I lost Mona in January 2019, but because of my pet insurance decision very early on, I was able to say goodbye without regret as I knew I had done everything I could have done for her. I will continue to have English bulldogs throughout my life and Trupanion will always play a role.
-Santina S.

Mona Lisa Vito

Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Date enrolled: March 2011

Condition: Pupil Meningioma

The Trupanion policy paid: $15,419.74

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