Should I Insure My Pet? An Essential Question for Pet Owners
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Should I Insure My Pet? An Essential Question for Pet Owners

Should I Insure my pet? an important question for every pet owner to ask

When you first bring your pet home, there are so many new and exciting adventures ahead for you and your furry friend. In addition, there can be so much to consider as a new pet owner. For example, when should I take my new puppy to the veterinarian or how much water should my cat be drinking are just a few of the many questions pet owners find themselves asking. Naturally, between socialization, interaction, and taking the time to bond with your furry friend, there is little time for anything else. So, when it comes to your pet’s health how do you ensure you will be prepared if something unexpected happens? Read on to learn more about medical insurance for pets, with a Trupanion policy, and how to answer the bigger question of insuring your pets for their lifetime.

Should I insure my pet: an important question for every pet owner to ask

An essential item to consider for pet owners - should I insure my pet?

What is medical insurance for pets?

Trupanion, medical insurance for pets offers lifetime coverage. As your pet ages and grows on their journey, we’re there with you every step of the way. Naturally, you want to be able to give your pet everything they need throughout their life. Further, the value of insurance for your pet can help with those unexpected veterinary bills, from specialty care to surgeries and medications. As your pet ages, accidents happen. That’s okay. Trupanion is here to help you when you need it most.

The value of medical insurance for pets

While we love puppies and kittens, eventually they do grow up and become adult dogs and cats. The advantage of getting insurance for your pet while they’re young is that you can get great full value out of your medical coverage. For example, the younger your pet is, the less likely they will have pre-existing conditions. As puppies and kittens age, they are more likely to develop conditions that might need lifetime care. A Trupanion policy provides medical coverage throughout your pet’s entire life. Even as they age into your senior years.

Consider the following on how a Trupanion policy can help support you during your pet’s lifetime journey:

  • Life-time coverage starting at birth
  • The ability to pay your veterinarian within minutes (or even seconds) at checkout
  • No max payout limits for your pet’s lifetime
  • Access to 24/7/365 customer service support
  • Medications, specialty care, hospitalization, diagnostic testing and more

Why you should insure your pet

You want to give your pet the very best in life. Critically, when your pets are sick or unlucky in health you want to be able to provide high-quality medical care. As pet owners ourselves, we know what it feels like when you have a sick pet. And we understand that typically when you need to seek medical care it’s not on a schedule or a planned veterinary visit. Further, that is why as a Trupanion member you can seek veterinary care at any clinic, emergency hospital or specialty center across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. That way, your pet can get the medical treatment they need at your convenience.

Financial budget and your pets

You can budget for the expected in your pet’s life. For example, as part of being a responsible pet owner, you can plan for wellness veterinary visits, vaccinations, and flea/tick preventative medication. But when it comes to the unexpected injuries or illnesses that could affect your pet, you simply cannot predict if they will get sick or hurt. Further, it can be difficult to budget for those moments in life. No pet owner wants to make tough decisions based off of finances. As such, certainly medical care and treatment for your pet can be expensive.

“Before his recovery Bear had a poor appetite and no interest in playing- he spent most of his days sleeping but he’d wag his tail for his favorite humans. We now know it was because he was in significant pain and discomfort. Today he chases squirrels, devours his meals, and we have seen his true personality! While every pet comes with financial responsibility, we were not expecting $25,000 in surgeries, meds, and rehab. Trupanion truly saved Bear’s life,” – Meg, Bear’s owner

Should I Insure my pet - is an important decision for a family to make.

Should I insure my pet: peace of mind for pet owners

Pets are family, and we want the best for our furry friends. Knowing your pets are protected can help give you peace of mind for a lifetime.

We love informed decisions. See our policy for full coverage details.

Rest easy knowing your pets can get the medical care they need. To learn more about Trupanion and becoming a member, call to talk to one of our pet-loving experts at 888.733.2631

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