Trupanion Pricing: How We Determine Your Monthly Cost
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Trupanion Pricing: How We Determine Your Monthly Cost

When it comes to your pets and finances, it can be hard to budget for the unexpected. But by enrolling your pet with Trupanion you can have the peace of mind knowing they have high-quality coverage for your pet’s lifetime. Learn more about Trupanion pricing and how your pet’s monthly cost is unique without sacrificing on quality.

Trupanion pricing: how we determine your monthly cost

Your pet’s monthly cost

Naturally, your pet’s rate is based off a number of factors, including the following:

  • Breed
  • Gender
  • Age at enrollment
  • Veterinary care specific to your region

The importance of the age at enrollment

With Trupanion, your pet’s age at enrollment is incredibly important because your pet will forever be priced as that age. For instance, if you enroll your domestic shorthair cat at the age of two years old, they will forever be priced as two year-old cat, even when they age into their senior years. Naturally, their rate might change over time, but it will never be due to your pet’s aging.

Shared risk: our pricing model

We do not punish unlucky pets who are sick. Rather, we share the risk across the board among lucky and unlucky pets. Whether you submit one claim or 100 claims, your monthly cost will never change because of any claims you submit.

Likewise, when it comes to pricing, we look at all pricing factors individually, such as breed, gender, veterinary care specific to your region, and others, which results in a total monthly cost for your pet.

Pet’s monthly cost: unique to you

No pet’s price is the same. In fact, your furry friend’s monthly cost is unique to you and is based on their personalized pricing factors. In addition, all the pricing factors are taken into consideration when providing a total monthly cost. For example, a two year-old golden retriever in Chicago might have a different monthly cost than a five year-old female Siamese cat in a rural region. Further, the region in which you live can play a factor in the veterinary care that is available in your area.

High-quality coverage

We want to continue to provide high-quality coverage for your pet for their lifetime. We don’t want to have to limit coverage or provide caps on your pet’s medical care. Naturally, we want your pets to have the highest quality of medical care possible, especially when they need it most.

Trupanion pricing - personalized for your furry friend.

Trupanion pricing: personalized monthly cost for your pets

We value being able to provide high-quality coverage for your pet.

In addition, with our shared risk pricing model, all pets are treated fairly and no pet will be penalized for being sick or submitting claims.

Further, by offering your pet no max limits on coverage, and being able to pay your veterinarian with minutes (or seconds) at checkout, you can rest easy knowing your best friend can get the quality care they need.

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