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How to Entertain Your Cat with Cat Enrichment

Read on to learn easy ways to include playtime and entertainment throughout your feline friend's day.

The wellness of your feline friend is an essential factor in their overall health. Whether your furry friend is a kitten or senior, a popular question among cat owners is how to entertain your cat if you are away? Cat enrichment is a fun way to incorporate play into their day that can keep them active, busy, and mentally stimulated. We sat down with J. Marmol, Trupanion pet program manager to discuss easy ways to include playtime and entertainment throughout your feline friend’s day.

How to entertain your cat at home, at work, or on the go with cat enrichment

Discover how to entertain your cat at home, at  work, or on the go!

What is cat enrichment?

Enrichment toys and interactive play provides your cat the opportunity to learn, develop, and discover new interests while you are away. By offering a variety of toys, treats, and environments, it can help stimulate your cat. For example, cat enrichment provides your furry friend physical, mental, and emotional health benefits.

Consider the following health benefits to entertain your cat

Physical stimulation

While most cats appreciate the ultimate catnap – keeping busy and moving is ideal for maintaining a healthy weight and can help prevent certain medical conditions later in life. Also, a variety of physical activities can help pique your cat’s interest and keep them active and entertained.

  • Cat shelves on the wall for jumping
  • Interactive pet tech toys, such as a laser pointer or PetCube

Further, when you are with your cat, consider going on a hike or taking your cat on a walk and enjoy some quality time together.

Mental stimulation

Mental stimulation is helpful for your feline friend because it can help curb behavior issues. Consider providing a different point of view or scenery for your cat. For example, ample window seats, different size windows, and an opportunity to see the outside world can all be helpful. Further, if you have a deck or patio consider creating a catio space for your cat.

Marmol weighs in on the benefit of a Catio –

“If you have the means, these are fantastic! They allow you to keep the safety of an indoor space but gives them the chance to get out and enjoy the sun and get fresh air. Can definitely alleviate a cat’s frustration and reduces their inclination to bolt out the door behind you when you leave.”

Emotional stimulation

When you have downtime and are home for the day, take some time to bond and spend some quality time with your pet. Consider an interactive mouse, ball toss, or cuddle time. Your furry friend will definitely appreciate the personal attention. Also, in a multi-cat household, interactive play can be a wonderful way to provide support and strengthen the bond between pet siblings.

Create a cat-friendly space

Your home should include multiple cat-friendly spaces for your feline friend to roam, play, and sleep comfortably, especially while you are away. Consider adding furniture and cat accessories that are meant for cats to enjoy. For example, cat trees, cat scratchers, cat perches, and boxes provide different types of enrichment with different shapes, sizes, and textures.

Provide cat care essentials

Even while you are feeding your cat there is an opportunity to provide enrichment. Consider a food ball or food puzzle during mealtime to provide stimulation and entertainment. Also, mealtime is an opportunity for your cat to learn tricks – if they are curious and have a want to learn. Certainly, training and tricks can be a resourceful tool for pets of all ages.

Cat enrichment on the go

When you are traveling with your cat, make sure to provide enrichment in their carrier, such as small toys or catnip, and a comfy place to relax. Naturally, traveling with pets can be stressful for all parties, and the enrichment toys can help put your cat at ease.

How to entertain your cat with toys, furniture, and new environments.

From toys, treats, and cat-friendly furniture: how to entertain your cat on a daily basis

Whether you choose to have a 100% cat-friendly home or provide interactive activities for your feline friend, how to entertain your cat is really dependent on your personal cat’s interests. Naturally, each furry family member is unique and while some cats might enjoy hiking or a walk on a leash, others might love a good catnap. No matter which interactive activities you pick for your cat, all are wonderful options for cat enrichment.

What are your favorite ways to entertain your cat?

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