Hurricane Dorian 2019: Evacuation Resources for You and Your Pet
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Hurricane Dorian 2019: Evacuation Resources for You and Your Pet

Hurricane Dorian 2019: Evacuation resources for you and your pet.

With Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas in a state of emergency and Hurricane Dorian expected to hit landfall early next week, we wanted to provide a list of evacuation resources to keep you and your pets safe. Also, during any natural disaster, pet safety is front of mind for pet owners. Read on to learn more about hurricane Dorian 2019 evacuation resources and tips to keep the entire family safe.

Update: The storm is now headed for Newfoundland and the Maritimes in Canada, which includes Novia Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Pet owners in Canada can read on for pet safety and evacuation tips, as well as further resources.

Evacuation resources for the entire family: Hurricane Dorian 2019

evacuation resources for the entire family - Hurricane Dorian 2019.

Seek shelter

It is important for you and your furry friends to be in a safe environment. If you do not have the ability to secure a safe space for your pet, call your emergency shelter prior to see if there is a partnered organization working with your local shelter. In addition, many Red Cross shelters partner with animal welfare organizations to help families stay close during an emergency.

Pack your pet’s belongings

If you do have to leave your home, make sure you pack your pet’s belongings. Just as you would need supplies, so does your furry friends. Consider the following pet care items to pack during a natural disaster, such as Hurricane Dorian 2019.

  • Pet food and bowls (at least two weeks’ worth of food)
  • Comfortable bedding
  • Pet carrier
  • Pet medication, identification, and pet records
  • Pet supplies

Having extra supplies is a beneficial way to keep you and your furry friends safe and comfortable. For example, blankets, water, and pet toys are a way to keep your pet occupied and comfortable.  In addition, with any natural disaster, your pets might be uncertain of the recent activity and might be scared or confused. Naturally, providing extra snuggles and cuddles can help ease you and your pet’s uncertainty.

Pet-friendly hotel accommodations

Whether you are a resident affected by Hurricane Dorian or traveling with your pets, pet-friendly lodging is essential when you are with your furry friends. Alternatively, several hotels have opened their doors to accommodate families with pets. In addition, several hotels have waived the pet fee in light of this recent emergency.

Rosen Hotel & Resorts

Hyatt Regency Coral Gables  

Bring Fido: Pet-friendly hotels

Emergency resources

It’s best to stay informed and have up to the minute news on Hurricane Dorian and where it is headed. Consider downloading apps, such as pet emergency apps, and news outlets to keep your pets safe. Also, consider the following emergency resources during Hurricane Dorian 2019.

City of Norfolk – pet-friendly shelters

Find an American Red Cross – open shelter

Florida Disaster. Org



Hurricane Dorian 2019: safety for the entire family

Most importantly, please stay safe with your pets. By seeking shelter, packing your pet’s belongings, and stocking up on supplies for the entire family you and your family can be prepped and ready. This post will be updated periodically to include the most up-to-date information.

We are available 24/7/365 to provide assistance to you and your pets. If anything is needed, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our pet-loving specialists at 888.626.0932

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