Relief to have Trupanion Medical Insurance for Pets for Beloved Golden retriever Crosby
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Relief to have Trupanion Medical Insurance for Pets for Beloved Golden retriever Crosby

Discover how pet owners found relief to have Trupanion insurance for Golden retriever Crosby.

I wanted to share with you what a comfort and relief it has been to have Trupanion insurance for our beloved 10-year-old Golden retriever Crosby.

Four years ago, Crosby had a terrible accident. He fell down some stairs, and his right leg got caught in the banister. Also, he tore ligaments and tendons in his leg. Crosby had to have surgery to repair all that was damaged. Sutures were left in the leg in order to aid in recovery.

Trupanion was there for us throughout his surgery and recovery, covering all expenses at 90%. There were frequent visits to the vet for post-op checkups. He had to go to physical therapy. I’m not sure how we would have afforded his care if not for Trupanion.

Fast forward two years and what we thought was a full recovery. One summer we noticed a small abscess on his surgical leg. Three courses of antibiotics later, it was determined the sutures from his surgery had become infected and had caused a bone infection in the surgical leg. He needed another surgery.

Again, Trupanion was there for us.

This time recovery was much more difficult. A very strong antibiotic was prescribed, and unfortunately, Crosby had a very bad reaction to it. The drug caused neurological damage to Crosby. We thought we were going to lose him. But, with lots of TLC and excellent veterinary care, he is almost back to his old self. He continues to go to physical therapy and attends a swim class twice a week in order to gain his strength in the rear legs.

Crosby's accident required physical therapy. Since these pet owners had Trupanion insurance for their Golden retriever, he is able to go to swim class to regain strength in rear legs.

Because of Trupanion, we have always been able to concentrate on choosing the best care for Crosby. We haven’t had to worry about the economics of his care. That’s been a real blessing.


Denise L.


Chicago, IL

Conditions: Lameness, Achilles tendon rupture, Abscess

The Trupanion policy paid: $15,326.87


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