Lifetime Medical Care for Bernese Bull Mastiff Mix Mabel
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Lifetime Medical Care for Bernese Bull Mastiff Mix Mabel

Read on to learn how this family ended up needing lifetime medical care for Bernese bull mastiff mix Mabel.

Mabel was born on June 9, 2017. I was online looking for a fur baby to join our family. Brocade and I have owned a bull mastiff before so I know they are great dogs.  I didn’t know too much about Bernese breeds but heard good things. So, I chose her from a few photos and videos of the pups playing.

We went as a family to visit her. Then four weeks later we went back and brought our newest addition home. I took her to the vet for a health checkup after a couple of days & recorded her first vaccinations.

We signed up for an exam day offer with Trupanion that night not knowing that within the next couple days it would benefit her. The doctor performed extensive testing and after an ultrasound of her kidneys we found that she had a kidney infection. One kidney didn’t develop fully and the other kidney that did develop was damaged extensively due to the kidney infection.

When I took her back to see Dr. Bassi and his team at City PetCare hospital, I was thinking she was allergic to the corn in her food. Sure enough after getting Mabel an allergy test done, it was found she’s allergic to corn, chicken, duck, venison, tomato pumice, white fish mix, sardines, cedar — the list goes on. It was hard to find a low phosphorus food without her allergens in the ingredients so I started making her food.

Lifetime medical care for bernese bull mastiff mix Mabel included specialty care and medication.

Today Mabel is 2 years and 2 months. Throughout all of her sickness and tests, she’s continued to be a smiley happy baby girl. We love her very much and do everything we can to keep her healthy. She’s on a low phosphorus home-made diet so she can take her medication that binds the phosphorus in her gut because her kidneys cannot filter it out.

Mabel and her family thank Trupanion, Dr.Bassi, and his team for continuing to be there for Mabel.

-Honey D

Experience more of Mable’s journey – This post is attributed and first appeared in The New Face of Trupanion 2019


Delta, British Columbia

Date enrolled: July 2017

Conditions: Allergies, Hematuria

The Trupanion policy paid: $14,524.31

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