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The New Face of Trupanion 2019 Contest Winners

Read on to learn more about the three New Face of Trupanion contest winners and how you can submit your pet’s photo for a chance to be featured in a future opportunity.

This spring we launched the first New Face of Trupanion 2019 contest. Trupanion members we’re asked to share photos of their furry friend, and we’re absolutely overjoyed with the submissions we received. Now, with over 2,000 entries, we’re excited to share with your the randomly selected New Faces of Trupanion. In fact, our selected featured winners got to experience a professional photo-shoot. Read on to learn more about the three New Face of Trupanion contest winners and how you can submit your pet’s photo for a chance to be featured in a future opportunity.

The new face of Trupanion 2019 contest winners

Three featured Trupanion pet contest winners share their journey

Sophia Rose Marie & Grayson Oliver

This adorable duo -and the new face of Trupanion 2019 contest winners- are brother and sister Persian cats, ages seven and eight years old, and live in Seattle, Washington. Read on to learn about Sophia Rose and Grayson Oliver’s adventures –

Grayson Oliver - one of The New Faces of Trupanion 2019 .

Grayson is 8 years old now and living a happy, healthy life.   We love him so much and care about his well-being, so we signed up for Trupanion when he was just a baby.  

Grayson has had some minor medical issues and some major ones, too.  For all of his medical needs, we all count on Trupanion.  Trupanion has been there for us every step of the way.  Now Grayson can focus on chilling at home with lots of love and all of the care he needs.  Grayson sends you a tail rub!

Sophia Rose Marie- one of The New Faces of Trupanion 2019.

Sophie is 7 years old now.   We love her so much that we signed her up for Trupanion when Sophie was just a baby.  Lucky me, lucky Sophie. Even though she was very sick, thanks to Trupanion and lots of love, she is now enjoying a full, active, and healthy life.

Trupanion has always been there for her and our family – from diagnosis to treatment.  With Trupanion, we can all rest easy knowing that Sophie will get all of the medical care that she needs.  Thanks, Trupanion – you are the BEST!  Sophie sends you a purr.


Meet Mabel! One of The New Faces of Trupanion 2019 contest winners!

This new face of Trupanion 2019 contest winner is a Bernese-Mastiff mix, two years old, and lives in Delta, British Columbia. Here is Mable’s story –

Mabel was born on June 9, 2017. We went as a family to visit her. Then four weeks later we went back and brought our newest addition home. I took her to the vet for a health checkup after a couple of days & recorded her first vaccinations.

We signed up for an exam day offer with Trupanion that night not knowing that within the next couple days it would benefit her. The doctor performed extensive testing and after an ultrasound of her kidneys we found that she had a kidney infection. One kidney didn’t develop fully and the other kidney that did develop was damaged extensively due to the kidney infection.

When I took her back to see Dr. Bassi and his team I was thinking she was allergic to the corn in her food. Sure enough after getting Mabel an allergy test done, it was found she’s allergic to corn, chicken, duck, venison, tomato pumice, white fish mix, sardines, cedar — the list goes on. It was hard to find a low phosphorus food without her allergens in the ingredients so I started making her food.

Today Mabel is 2 years and 2 months. Throughout all of her sickness and tests, she’s continued to be a smiley happy baby girl. We love her very much and do everything we can to keep her healthy. She’s on a low phosphorus home-made diet so she can take her medication that binds the phosphorus in her gut because her kidneys cannot filter it out.

Mabel having so much fun at the New Faces of Trupanion 2019 photo-shoot.

Mabel and her family thank Trupanion, Dr.Bassi & his team for continuing to be there for Mabel.


Zvjezdana is a new face of Trupanion 2019 contest winner!

This Trupanion team member’s pet and the new face of Trupanion 2019 contest winner is a mixed breed dog, four years old, and lives in Seattle, Washington. Read on to discover Zvjezdana’s story –

I had recently lost my pup, Scully, due to cancer and I still had Mulder (same litter, Scully’s brother) at home. We were both so heartbroken over losing her that I knew I had to find a pup to join our home to help ease the loss of Scully. My goal was to find a large dog around Mulder’s age, which was 7 at the time —NOT a puppy! Anything but a puppy! NO PUPPIES!!!

I went to a huge adoption event that had pups from so many different rescue groups for people to meet. I brought Mulder with so he could (hopefully) meet his new sister that would soon come home with us.

As we walked from booth to booth and the day went on…I was starting to lose hope. I’ve pretty much resigned to the fact that it’s not going to happen today until the last booth, a POPP booth from Oregon. There were 2 puppies left from a litter of 13 and I could see one of them had no fear of Mulder at all so I asked to see her.

She was the sweetest little thing and Mulder’s tail was wagging like crazy so I set her down by him, he laid down and she laid down next to him with her paw on his arm. That was it….I knew I was taking a puppy home.

 Throughout the course of Zvjezdana joining my family, she has brightened Mulder’s day. I am grateful for her every day; for her love, her energy, her protective demeanor and the simple joy she has brought into my life, my home and into the lives of my close friends and family.

Knock on wood she hasn’t had any medical emergencies as of yet, but I know that if the day comes, I’ve got Trupanion ready to go! I have no worries knowing that she’s covered in the event of something unexpected, and with her, most days consist of the unexpected, just not medical related…yet. She may be my little Psycho Pants but even crazy dogs need insurance.

Zvjezdana , a Trupanion office dog and a New Face of Trupanion 2019 contest winner.

The new face of Trupanion 2019 contest winners: adorable Trupanion pets year-round

Whether you have a rescue, a curious puppy, or a pack of feline friends there is no doubt your pets adorable faces inspire you every day. Your pets bring joy and happiness to your everyday lives, and we thank our members for sharing their beautiful photos with us.

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