Thankful for Coverage for Male German Shepherd Axl
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Thankful for Coverage for Male German Shepherd Axl

This male german shepherd puppy Axl was enrolled in medical coverage and learn how it became the very best decision for this health.

Our four and a half year-old male German shepherd Axl is 106 lbs. of love & loyalty.

He’s adventurous, protective, loving, and incredibly intelligent. He enjoys all sorts of outdoor activities, especially hiking in the woods, particularly during fall, winter& spring (in the summer you’ll find him swimming or enjoying the paddleboards at the cottage). Also, his favorite activity is chasing his ball or sticks.

Male German shepherd Axel has had coverage with a Trupanion policy since he was a puppy.

He’s been protected & covered with Trupanion since he was a puppy and it was by far the VERY BEST DECISION we made in regards to his health care. He has had years where we never needed to use coverage and others where we were so thankful for the protection it provides.

At two, he was diagnosed with pneumonia. He spent three days at the veterinary hospital with IV fluids, antibiotics, and x-rays. Trupanion took care of all our financial concerns and also inquired into how he’s doing on his recovery. 

At age four, he started with hip issues that needed to be corrected, pain medications, rehabilitation and rest all resulted in improved pain-free movement. He also developed some ear and skin infections and again Trupanion was there for him.

Male German shepherd Axl enjoying some fun outdoor time with his family. thanks to the help and support of his medical coverage.

We tell everyone about Trupanion and what it can do for your pet. I’m so grateful that we chose a plan that not only covers the cost of his treatment but, also any physical therapy or rehabilitation that he may need.

The rep I dealt with when initially signing up for it was knowledgeable, professional and helpful. We’ll never have another furkid without Trupanion protecting them. Best money spent!!

-Nanette K.


Ontario, Canada

Date enrolled: March 2016

Conditions: Pneumonia, Hip Dysplasia, Lameness, Otitis Externa

The Trupanion policy paid: $2,084.01

To learn more about Trupanion, call and speak to one of our pet-loving experts at 888.626.0932.

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