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Five Trupanion Office Dogs Brighten up the Workday

Trupanion office dogs bring joy to everyone they meet!
Gene enjoying playtime at Trupanion.

Pets in the workplace are a popular trend seen in offices from coast to coast, and the Trupanion office dogs at Trupanion HQ are no exception. With upwards of 200+ pets in office (cats included!) these fun-loving furry friends make the workday fly by. Read on to learn more about the Trupanion office dogs that inspire us every day.

Five Trupanion office dogs spread happiness throughout the workplace

Trupanion office dog and one of a kind greeter - Ryder - welcomes all who come to Trupanion.
Trupanion office dog and greeter – Ryder – welcomes all who come to Trupanion.

 Evelyn “Evie” Stumpalicous Dangerfloof

Meet one of our newest Trupanion office dogs Evie!
New Trupanion office dog, Evie, enjoying an afternoon snack.

When this adorable Corgi is in office, you can find Evie sleeping under her mom’s desk or begging for treats. In addition, to being one of the newer Trupanion office dogs, during her free time, you can find Evie taking road trips around Washington, posing for Instagram, or playing with her older brother Ricky Bobby.

Assistant team manager of two years at Trupanion, Lisa, “loves the people I work with and being able to help out fellow pet lovers. Luckily, Evie hasn’t had any claims yet, but her older brother Ricky Bobby had an issue with jaw pain and 90% of the bill was covered.”


Cooper, one of the Trupanion office dogs, enjoys some fun hiking in the Cascades when not at the office.
Cooper enjoying a hike at the Cascades.

Three year-old Poodle, Cooper, is always up for an adventure with best friends! Between playing ball in the playroom at lunch with Trupanion office dogs Baer and Gene, or hiking the Cascades, Cooper is always ready for fun in or outside the office. In addition to being skill savvy, you can find Cooper mastering ‘spin’ and slowly working on ‘crawl. ‘

Member experience manager, McKinna Krieghoff, has worked for Trupanion for two years. “I love helping all the cats and dogs with their healing by being there for their owners. In addition, McKinna has seen first-hand the impact Trupanion can make for Cooper. “Trupanion helped when Cooper had a limp and needed pain management. Also, when Cooper had bloat we covered his surgery, and when Cooper had a cracked tooth, Trupanion helped with the extraction. Thank you Trupanion!”

Dolly the Collie

Dolly the Collie is one of the amazing Trupanion office dogs you can see everyday at Trupanion.
Dolly the Collie is one of the many fun-loving Trupanion office dogs seen playing at work.

The Diva Princess, aka Dolly the Collie, can herd with the best of them. Between chasing fast and noisy objects out of office (bicycles) and swooning over her numerous one-sided boyfriends in office, Dolly certainly is a popular pup among team members. Often, the first to start a ‘barkfest in the office, she can be spotted trying to play with her best friend, Baer the chocolate Poodle. Further, Dolly’s favorite activity during office hours is playing ball with her favorite human.

Assistant team manager, Kairi Neuman, loves the culture of Trupanion and the impact that furry and non-furry team members make on her day. And its clear Trupanion has made an impact on Dolly’s overall health. “Dolly has had urinary incontinence, gastrointestinal issues, and a puncture wound – all covered by Trupanion! For example, to date, Trupanion has contributed $2,800 to her medical care!”

Poppy-Anne and Tucker

Poppy-Anne and Tucker enjoying some rest and relaxation at Trupanion. Just one of the many adorable Trupanion office dogs you can see on a daily basis.
Poppy-Anne and Tucker enjoying a break in the workday at Trupanion.

Between play-time and lunch-time, siblings and best friends Border collie mix Tucker and Chihuahua mix Poppy sure know how to keep the workday interesting. For example, Poppy-Anne is on a never-ending quest to find her next favorite person to give her food. Rather, Tucker spends their day playing with black Labrador Sabbath and attempts to help co-workers by sitting in their laps. You can catch Poppy-Anne and Tucker bonding on late night walks on the beach, or eating their favorite snack.

Assistant team manager, Alex Edwards, loves being able to help people and their pets on a daily basis. And Trupanion has already played a role, in this new team member’s life – “Trupanion has been able to help Tucker with his dew claw tears and sprained tail.”

We have over 200+ Trupanion office dogs enjoying their workday on any given day.
Nala and the Weens enjoy a pop-up play-fest at Trupanion.

Trupanion office dogs: best friends in the workplace

By bringing your pets to the workplace, you’re able to have your best friend by your side. At Trupanion HQ, there is never a lack of happy, furry, or funny Trupanion office dogs ready and waiting to brighten your day.

A heartfelt thank you to the Trupanion team members and office dogs of our customer care teams that bring so much joy to us on a daily basis.

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