Ten Autumn Names for Pets That Celebrate fall
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Ten Autumn Names for Pets That Celebrate fall

Check out our Autumn names for pets list!

Move over summer, because September is here! And we have an autumn names for pets list that is sure to put a pep in your pet’s step this season. Gone are the days of sun and surf, we’re feeling everything fall –and according to the Trupanion database, so are our members. With over 400,000 Trupanion pets more than 3,640 pet names happen to be inspired by the fall season. Read on to see our autumn names for pets, and maybe you’ll find one for your next new furry friend.

Autumn names for pets that make pet owners wish it was fall every season

Read on to learn essential autumn names for pets to consider for your next furry friend.

1. Pumpkin

If you hadn’t guessed, pumpkin has taken over fall. And it tops our list multiple times! In fact, 1,133 Trupanion pets happen to be the sweet reason for the season.

2. Boots

Whether it means cooler days or rainy nights, boots certainly are a popular choice for seasonal attire or naming your new best friend! Considering 808 Trupanion pets answer to the name Boots, you can bet they’ll be your constant sidekick for seasons to come.

3. Autumn

With the season change and summer coming to an end, it’s no surprise that this autumn names for pets list includes, Autumn. With 599 Trupanion pets answering to the name Autumn you can guarantee your puppy or kitten will be ready to enjoy everything the season has to offer with you by their side.

4. Mittens

When you’re out and about enjoying leaf season, don’t forget to bundle up! In fact, 540 Trupanion pets enjoy time outdoors, playtime, and cuddle time answering to the name Mittens. Among all these autumn names for pets, Mittens is a great choice if you have a new adorable kitten in your household.

5. Apple

Fall means it time to get moving, get outside, and enjoy a fun family and pet-friendly activity like apple picking. With 232 Trupanion pets named Apple, the apple of your eye might be your furry friend!

6. Rain

A shift in seasons potentially means a chance for rain! Also, just like with little puppies, rain is often unexpected. With 167 Trupanion pets answering to the name Rain, these pet owners can spend more time inside giving their best friends puppy kisses any time of day.

7. Cozy

An autumn pet names list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of feeling cozy! Naturally, there is something about fall that just makes you want to curl up and cuddle with your furry friends. For example, 54 Trupanion pets are named cozy and are living a comfy life 24/7/365. We bet they’re great at naptime!

8. Pumpkin Pie

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? And with pie-inspired pet names being a popular choice among pet owners, it’s no surprise that pumpkin pie tops the list. With 31 Trupanion pets named Pumpkin Pie, it certainly has to be on your mind for any new furry friends.

9. Leaf

One of the most memorable parts of the fall season is the changing colors of the leaves. In addition, with 22 Trupanion pets named Leaf, it certainly is a unique way to celebrate the start of the season with your furry friend.

10. Pumpkin Spice

The list wouldn’t be complete without another pumpkin pet name addition! Considering 20 Trupanion pets are named Pumpkin Spice, without a doubt, we bet they’re so nice!

Autumn names for pets are a perfect option for the fall-loving pet owner.

Fall-inspired pet names: the ultimate name for your best friend

Whether you are inspired by the weather or seasonal treats, there is a colorful assortment of names to choose from for your best friends. And a special shout-out to the domestic shorthair cat and Labradoodle Trupanion pets that are named Pumpkin Spice Latte. Two Trupanion pets feeling the season!

What are your favorite autumn names for pets?

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