What it's Like to Bring Your Dog to Work Every Day at Trupanion
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What it’s Like to Bring Your Dog to Work Every Day at Trupanion

Trupanion Group Benefits manager dives into what inspires her work, the benefit of medical insurance for pets in the group benefits space, and why you should bring your dog to work.
Trupanion team members Jeanine and Stryker.

Pets in the workplace is a common trend in offices coast to coast. For instance, whether it’s a casual Friday or a normal workday, without a doubt furry friends are becoming an essential part of the workplace culture.

In fact, our team members have even gone on the road to talk about the benefits of when you bring your dog to work. We sat down with Trupanion Group Benefits manager, Jeanine Fitzgerald who spoke recently at PerksCon 2019 about bringing pets to work.

She discusses what it’s like to bring your dog to work every day, and the greater impact of medical insurance for pets within group benefits, your workplace and beyond.

Bring your dog to work and help pets all day long

Bring your dog to work for fun! Trupanion team member, Dash, is just one of the many friendly faces you'll see at Trupanion HQ.
Trupanion team member Dash.

Naturally, at Trupanion HQ, we love dogs and cats. In addition, to our 300+ furry co-workers, at the core we are passionate about helping pets. Further, with 100+ group benefits accounts and over nine service animal organizations, Trupanion’s group benefits keep busy on a daily basis. W

How do pets in the workplace impact you and the work you do on a daily basis?

“I love having pets in the office. In fact, I find the atmosphere to be more collaborative, you get to know your coworkers faster and let’s face it, it just fun. And bonus points when a new puppy comes into the office.”

Tell us about your two dogs you bring to work every day –

“I bring Dash and Stryker to work with me. They are both Boxers and are very used to ‘office life’. Dash is a seasoned pro and has been coming to work with me since he was about 9 weeks old.”

What inspires and motivates the work that you do?

“Being able to provide medical insurance for a large group of pets or working dogs is a great feeling! The best is when we get an email or a phone call from an HR manager and they tell us how glad they were to offer Trupanion as a benefit because it literally saved the life of an employee pet.”

What is the group benefits department of Trupanion?

Group Benefits handles all operations needs related to companies providing Trupanion as a benefit to their employees, or a group of pets, for example, service dogs.”

What does an average day look like in group benefits?

“We wear all sorts of hats at Trupanion. On a day to day basis, we may enroll pets, speak with potential customers, manage operational aspects of the program, and administer the VA program and more! Occasionally we also attend events, provide continuing education and make on-site visits to our customers.”

You recently were a guest speaker at PerksCon 2019 in LA – what was that experience like?

“It was so much fun! Pets in the workplace are really gaining traction and it was nice to speak with a bunch of other folks who are really interested in making it happen in a thoughtful and smart way. Also, the audience was very engaged and asked very pertinent and topical questions – it was an honor to be able to be a part of that conversation.”

What do you expect for the future of group benefits and the pet-friendly workplace?

“Ideally, I would love to see all office pets protected with a Trupanion policy.”

Trupanion team member, Dash and Stryker, enjoy some downtime in the office.
Trupanion team member, Dash, and Stryker enjoy some downtime in the office.

Bring your dog to work and impact the lives of furry friends everywhere

Whether you bring your dog to work every day or are on the look-out for a pet-friendly workplace, consider inquiring on the pet-friendly guidelines at your new or potential employment. Pets have the incredible ability to bring so much joy and happiness to your lives. It’s definitely a wonderful opportunity to spend more time with your furry friend while you’re at work.

To learn more about Trupanion, call to speak to one of our pet-loving experts at 888.626.0932

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