Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Exercise for Cats
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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Exercise for Cats

Read on to learn more about exercise for cats!

An active and enriched day can keep your cat healthy and happy. Whether you have a curious kitten or a playful Bengal, it is beneficial to include activities throughout their day that keep them stimulated. If you want to try something new with your feline friend, consider exercise for cats. As a cat owner, a variety of new activities in your cat’s day can keep them well-balanced. We sat down with Trupanion’s pet program manager, J. Marmol to discuss the advantages of cat exercise and the inside secret to keep moving with your feline friend.

Exercise for cats: an active cat is a happy cat

There are a wide variety of activities to consider for exercise for cats.

What are the benefits of cat exercise?

Cat owners and cats alike can benefit from exercise. “Exercise is vital to keep your cat both mentally and physically healthy. Sometimes, cats can be immobile, so it’s really easy to pack on a few extra pounds. Also, by keeping them at an appropriate weight, it can help keep them happy and healthier for longer,” says Marmol. Consider starting small, and incorporate small exercises into your cat’s routine like jumping on cat shelves.

How can cat enrichment be used with exercise for cats?

Cat enrichment is a wonderful tool to maintain a well-balanced cat. Also, cat enrichment provides mental, physical, and emotional stimulation. You can provide enrichment while they are eating, playing, or lounging around the house. Naturally, it’s a great idea to challenge your kitten to try new activities and see which interactions interest them the most. For example, a simple toy like a laser pointer stimulates your feline friend and gets them moving all at the same time.

Consider the following ways to combine exercise for cats and enrichment:

  • Take your cat on a walk
  • Create a catio space for your feline friend to roam and play
  • Introduce a new toy and give them free reign to engage in their cat space
  • Provide various size cat trees, scratches, and perches to encourage stretching and movement

Cat exercise in the workplace

Cat exercise in the workplace can be achieved if both parties are willing to put in the work. We love our dog and cat team members and enjoy taking the time to interact and play with them. Naturally, it could be easy for our feline friends to take the day off. In fact, with so much new stimulation in the office, it’s the perfect environment to encourage play!

“Luckily most cat toys are designed in a way that lets your kitty run around and chase something. And if your cat is so inclined, like our resident feline team member, Magpie, take them for a stroll around the office,” states Marmol. Consider interactive toys like laser pointers, little track toys with balls, and a toy mouse or feather to encourage free play.

Team members Marlo and Mochi enjoy playtime at Trupanion HQ. Mochi enjoys playing with cat wands during office hours.
Team members Marlo and Mochi enjoy playtime at Trupanion HQ. Mochi enjoys playing with cat wands during office hours.

The best-kept secret about exercise for cats

Every cat is unique and different. Some feline friends prefer to explore on cat trees, while others enjoy the chance to get outside and stretch their legs. Naturally, an essential part of keeping your cat active is giving them the opportunity. For example, “being at home can be boring for your feline friends, and it’s easy to get lazy. Indoor cats don’t always have the opportunity to run, hunt, and climb. So, it’s important to give them alternatives,” points out Marmol. In fact, taking some time during your day to interact and exercise with them can help you connect with your feline friend. Further, by offering a new daily or weekly challenge, it can really stimulate the senses and provide valuable exercise for cats.

Exercise for cats can come in all forms of movement. Consider leaping, jumping, running, walking, or even yoga.

Keep active with your feline friends

Whether you have a new kitten or a household full of furry friends, the most important part of exercise for cats is taking the time to bond with your forever friend. By offering new activities, interactive play, and a good challenge, it gives your cat the chance to learn and take the lead on new adventures!

What is your favorite exercise activity for cats?

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