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Five Essential Fall Safety Tips for Dogs

Fall safety tips for dogs are essential for the health of your furry friend.

The change in seasons gives you the chance to get out and explore in nature’s playground with your furry friends. When you’re out and about enjoying everything the season has to offer, safety is front of mind for pet owners. Whether you have a new puppy or a multi-dog household, fall safety tips for dogs are essential regardless of your dog’s age, breed, or size. We sat down with Trupanion pet program manager, J. Marmol, to dive into five safety tips for dogs whether you are a seasoned or new pet owner. Read on to discover five ways to enjoy the fall season safely with your best friends.

Fall safety tips for dogs that are necessary for the autumn season

Consider these five fall safety tips for dogs when hiking, camping, or traveling.

1. Weather-appropriate clothing

Autumn weather can change very quickly, especially when you are traveling. For instance, it could be cool in the morning, warm up throughout the day, and then drop in temperature again in the early evening. Consider keeping a wide variety of clothing items, “like a rain jacket, sweater, and reflective gear for your furry friend,” points out Marmol. These items can be beneficial for temperature change. More importantly, the clothing can keep your furry friend safe and dry.

2. Be mindful of puddles

Hydration is important for your best friend. Whether you are hiking in cooler weather or outside on a dog walk in the sun, it’s important to maintain proper hydration for your pet. Additionally, be mindful of your pup stopping and drinking out of puddles. For example, “puddles have germs and are an easy way to contract diseases, like Giardia,” states Marmol. Consider keeping freshwater with you at all times.

3. Beware of ticks and other potential pet hazards

It’s absolutely beautiful when the leaves change colors. And it’s even more memorable to experience this out in nature with your furry friends. But, beware of ticks and other potential pet hazards that can lurk in the greenery. For example, “ticks, spiders, and snakes can be among the foliage, even under the leaves”, says Marmol. So, before you capture your dog in a photo or let your pup play, consider checking out the area first for any hazards.

4. Pet safety on the trails

Camping and hiking are wonderful ways for the family to get out and bond together in nature. Humans and pets alike should consider how far they intend on hiking and plan accordingly. For example, “always include a pet first aid kit in your pack,” inserts Marmol. Also, consider pet footwear to keep your pup’s paws protected from the terrain. Further, a harness and leash are essential for exploring on the trails. You never know what unexpected situations might pop up, and its best to be prepared.

5. Travel safely with pets on the go

When you are traveling with pets on the open road – it’s important to always have the resources available to keep them safe. Consider keeping extra pet care items in your car, such as blanket, food/water, and crate. Also, make sure to keep your pet secure while driving, like with a dog seat belt. By keeping additional pet care items and your pet safely secured in the car, you can rest assured for a safe journey on the way to your destination.

Fall safety tips for dogs: essential for the health and happiness of your furry friend

Whether you are adventuring in a state park or hitting the open road for a fall road trip, the safety of your furry friends is necessary. By packing pet care items and keeping an eye on your furry friend, you can adventure safely with your best friend by your side.

What are your favorite fall safety tips for your furry friends?

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