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Eight Fun Facts about Golden Retrievers

Check out fun facts about Golden Retrievers

If you’re a dog owner – you know your dogs can be one of the best parts of your day. They take adventures with you, comfort you, and are always there when you need a friend. Clearly, there is so much to learn from your furry friends. In reality, how much do you really know about them? Here at Trupanion HQ, we love all dogs and cats, and the beloved Golden retriever is a popular family member among our team members. We sat down with Trupanion team members to chat everything from pet seniority in the office to their favorite Golden stories. Check out these fun facts about Golden Retrievers and read on to learn more amazing reasons to consider adding this family breed to your pack.

Fun facts about Golden Retrievers that are essential for all pet owners to know

A Golden Retriever is always up for fun and adventure

Fun fact of golden retrievers - always up for fun and adventure!
Trupanion’s own Finn enjoying some fun in the sun!

Sometimes you need a dog to show you the adventure in life. Without a doubt, Finn MacCoul, is the pup for the job. Whether playing with his rope toy in the office or spending quality time in one of our playrooms, Finn is always ready to have fun and make new friends.

What do you love about your Golden?:

“I love his goofy energy and enthusiasm! He’s always so excited to play and hang out and wants to be involved in EVERYTHING we do. Whether we’re going on a weekend hike or grabbing lunch with friends, Finn’s joyful personality makes every experience better,” says Trupanion team member Kathleen Vickers.

Golden Retrievers love everyone

Fun facts about golden retrievers - they love everyone!
Stella enjoying a snack at Trupanion HQ.

There is nothing like a smiling furry face to greet you at the end of your day. Imagine if a Golden was there to greet you at work every day! Stella is always ready and waiting to say hi at the beginning, middle, or end of your day.

What do you love about your Golden?:

“She loves everyone and is always happy to see people. She greets everyone at the door with a stuffy in her mouth, and runs around in an adorable panic when she can’t find one to show off,” says Trupanion team member Elizabeth Pfister.

There is nothing like the temperament of a Golden Retriever

fun facts about golden retrievers - the temperament is unique.
Wyatt stops to greet fellow team members at the office.

If you need a pick-me-up, hug, or to be entertained – you’re in luck if you’ve got a furry friend nearby. Wyatt, a recent addition to the Trupanion office, is the friend you always needed it and didn’t even know it.

What you love about your Golden?:

“His willingness to go anywhere at any time. His morning snuggles. Also, his amazing ability to hear chip bags from two floors away. The way he whines and then gently brings one of our shoes upstairs every time we come home. I just love everything about him,” points out Trupanion team member Kim McFague.

There is a good chance your Golden Retriever loves swimming

fun facts about golden retrievers - they might enjoy activities like swimming.
Abbey loves swimming when not in the office!

If you enjoy the water and are looking for a forever friend to join you – you might luck out with this fun-loving pup. Abbey, a brand new Trupanion office dog, loves spending time in the water when she’s not in the office.

What do you love about your Golden?:

“She loves Frisbee and swimming. This is the first dog I’ve ever had that loves swimming and is addicted to being in the water. She will fetch her Frisbee in the water all day,” states Trupanion team member Tarryn Bickel.

Golden Retrievers have a gentle mouth (and want to help!)

fun facts of golden retrievers - they have gentle mouths (and might enjoy carrying items!)
Poe enjoying playtime outside.

It never hurts to have a friend nearby to lend a helping hand. Sometimes that assistance comes in the form of a wagging tail. Edgar Allan Poe – Poe for short- is an absolute delight and enjoys carrying items around Trupanion HQ.

What do you love about your Golden:?

“Poe was supposed to be a service dog, but due to a leg deformity he couldn’t become one, but he still tries to be helpful. He loves to do a job! For example, he will carry his water bottle, the remote control, or random purchases at Home Depot to the register. He is also very cuddly and loves to snuggle,” says Trupanion team member Crissy Barger.

Your best friends truly can defy all odds. Even when they are down on their luck or stuck in a challenging situation, your pets are resilient.

fun fact about golden retrievers - they are resilient.

Barger continues, “Although Poe had a leg deformity and has had two surgeries over four months, and has two metal plates in his leg, you would have no idea that he is anything but a normal happy dog. He never acted broken or different – life is always exciting. Just because you are a little different, you can still be the best Golden in the world.”

A Golden Retriever is always ready and waiting when you need a friend

fun facts about golden retrievers - always ready and waiting for you.
Albus on a walk with his family.

Happiness is contagious. And a meeting room or common space always seems a bit more welcoming when there is a furry friend nearby. Further, Albus has been a welcoming face the past three years at Trupanion.

What do you love about your Golden:?

“His Silliness, big golden smile, and how soft and cuddly he is. Also, Albus follows me to whatever room I’m in at home, just because he wants to be near me. He’s always there for cuddling and support,” states Trupanion team member Monica Prichard.

If you need a personality that lights up the room by your side, hang out with a Golden Retriever

Fun facts about golden retrievers - their personality lights up the room
Murphy’s first day at Trupanion.

Dogs in the workplace are a common occurrence across many offices, but have you watched a dog grow up before your very own eyes? Murphy has been coming to Trupanion HQ since he was ten weeks old! In addition, this adorable puppy turned dog definitely shows us how to get the most fun out of our day.

What you love about your golden:?

“Murphy is a spunky, fun-loving Golden. He is ready to play at all times, but also loves to be a lap dog and cuddle! His warm and goofy personality lights up every room he enters. In addition, Murphy is always there to make me smile and distract me from any life stressors,” says Trupanion team member Sasha Keys.

Fun facts about golden retrievers - their up for adventure and fun!
Murphy enjoying some fun with the family!

A Golden Retriever makes the perfect best friend

fun facts about golden retrievers- they make the perfect best friend.
Ryder enjoying an adventure with his best friend.

When you need your pets, they are always there for you. In those big to small life moments, your pets a constant and true friend. Ryder, an eight-year old Golden has been the resident goofball over the past five years.

What do you love about your Golden:?

“Ryder is such a goofball. I’ve never met a funnier dog in my life. He can be very dramatic and stubborn, but that just adds to the humor about him. I don’t know every single person in the office, but I bet they all know who is Ryder is, “states Trupanion team member Taylor Roberts.

The special relationship between a pet owner and his dog

fun facts about golden retrievers - they are your co-pilot through life.
Trupanion’s own Ryder and Taylor. Best friends.

Your dog has a special place in your family. In essence, they are a companion and co-pilot in your life. Their love and loyalty will never waiver. At the end of the day, they are always there for you.

Roberts continues, “Ryder is my best friend for many reasons. He’s almost 8 years old and I got him at 8 weeks old when I was wrapping up college. We have grown and matured together over the years. He’s been there to make me feel better at some of my lower moments and been there to celebrate at my higher ones. I swear we have the exact same personality – ask anybody that’s close to me, it’s hilarious. Ryder is my favorite hiking and adventure buddy. He appears to be a lazy boy in the office but once we get out in nature he really becomes alive, as do I. He makes me laugh so hard sometimes. I talk to him constantly and I truly think he understands most of what I’m saying to him. I think we have a telepathic thing going on too. Let’s just say I think as far as owner-pet relationships go, we take the cake.”

Fun facts about Golden Retrievers: a co-pilot ready for fun and adventure by your side

Trupanion's Poe as a puppy!

Whether you have a fun-loving goofball or a sweet lazy pup as a part of your pack, each dog brings something unique and original to your family. Most importantly, one of the ultimate fun facts about Golden Retrievers is that those smiling faces and wagging tails bring joy and happiness to you every day.

What do you love about your Golden Retriever?

Thank you to our amazing Trupanion team members for sharing their stories.


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