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Ten Ways to Have a Happy and Healthy Cat

Read on to learn ten ways to have a happy and healthy cat.

Every cat is different. Some might like to sleep all day while others enjoy running around the house. But at the end of the day, all feline friends require a healthy balance of wellness and enrichment to maintain being a happy and healthy cat. As cat owners, the ultimate goal is your cat’s happiness and well-being. We sat down with Trupanion’s pet program manager, J. Marmol to get the scoop on everything from wellness to enrichment. Whether you are a new kitten owner or have a pack of feline friends, we’ve got the ultimate guide to your kitten’s well-being.

Happy and healthy cat: the ultimate guide for your feline friend’s happiness

Read on to discover the ultimate guide to a happy and healthy cat.

Check-in with your veterinarian

Staying up-to-date with appointments is important for your cat’s wellness. Also, it gives you a chance to ask questions or inquire on any concerns you might have. For instance, if you notate any changes in your cat’s behavior, eating, or bathroom habits, it’s definitely worth a trip to the veterinarian. They can recommend the best course of action and a treatment plan.

Always have fresh water available

We often think of dogs as the big water drinkers, but cats need proper hydration as well. In fact, certain medical conditions can be prompted by a lack of hydration. For example, “if your cat seems bored with a bowl of water, consider incorporating a cat fountain to encourage hydration. Not only will it help with drinking water, but also can stimulate them at the same time,” says Marmol.

Provide ample space to play and roam

Cat’s need space to roam, play, and explore! Whether you have a curious kitten or a fun-loving senior, having space to play is essential no matter your cat’s size, age, or breed. Consider creating a space that is just dedicated to your feline friend. Naturally, it gives them a chance to rest and relax in an oasis designed just for them.

Encourage interactive play

Interactive play is a wonderful way to stimulate your feline friend and gives them a chance to stretch their legs. For instance, try a variety of toys, like a laser pointer, mouse, or wand and see which one they most enjoy interacting with. Also, if you have a multi-cat or multi-pet household this gives all your furry friends the chance to engage and play together.

Arrange a cat-friendly living space

Cats are part of the family. As such, your cat should have a cat-friendly home where they can enjoy lounge, play, and explore. For instance, “consider adding cat furniture, such as cat trees, scratching posts, and cat shelves, to add variety to your living space,” points out Marmol. Also, by adding different levels, surfaces, and sizes it is providing mental and physical stimulation for them.

Keep up-to-date with your cat’s yearly wellness exam

A yearly check-up is important for all pets, including your feline friend. In fact, the yearly wellness exam gives your veterinarian a chance to do a thorough examination and address any concerns. Also, you can update any vaccinations, check-in with dietary needs, or pick up additional preventative medications. Further, no matter the age of your cat – a wellness check is beneficial for their development and health.

Monitor unusual behavior

If your furry friend starts acting out, there is a chance something more could be going on. For example, cats aren’t often vocal when something is bothering them. Consider making an appointment with your veterinarian and notating any concerns. Your veterinarian can do a thorough exam and perform additional diagnostic tests to determine the root of the problem.

Keep a tidy pet space

A pet-friendly space is important for the health and wellness of your cat, but it also helps to keep the space tidy and clean. If you find your cat’s toys and furniture are taking up the entire home, it might be best for the family to re-evaluate the use of all the items. Consider incorporating the family into the activity and clean up your home every few months. In addition, you could donate unused pet care items and make more space for the entire family to interact together.

Take the time to bond with your feline friend

One of the most essential factors for a healthy and happy cat is spending time with your pet. There is nothing like the bond between your cat and the family. Consider spending quality time interacting with your cat, taking a cat nap, or some simple hugs and cuddles. Naturally, your cat will appreciate the extra time with their favorite people!

Let your cat take the lead

While you’re spending time with your cat, take into consideration their preferences and let them take the lead. For instance, a curious kitten might want to explore and roam a new outdoor “catio” space, while a senior cat might want to enjoy a quality nap. By letting your cat lead the interaction you might find some new activities to enjoy together.

Providing Interactive play, cat enrichment, and a tidy pet space are just a few tips for a happy and healthy cat.

A happy and healthy cat is a well-balanced cat

Your cat is a loyal and valuable member of the family. Whether you have a Siamese kitten or a curious Bengal, by interacting with your feline, checking in with your veterinarian, and encouraging an interactive cat-friendly home, your cat can be happy and healthy for years to come.

If you recently brought home a new addition, or to learn more about Trupanion, call to speak to one of our pet-loving specialists at 888.626.0932.

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