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How You Can Prepare For the Topic of Medical Insurance for Pets

It’s Pet Health Insurance Month!

This month-long observance is something we can get behind (clearly). But is medical insurance for pets something you should care about?

Let’s talk through it.

Twelve million is the average number of new puppies and kittens being born each year. Think about how many of them your hospital will treat. Whether the number is large or small, we think there may be an opportunity there to help new clients learn about proactive, responsible pet ownership. Because imagine if even just 10% of them had medical insurance?

Keep scrolling for a realistic look into medical insurance for pets—where you can see the impact insured pets have on hospitals and how you can best approach the topic.  

The Impact of Insured Pets

You’ve likely heard there’s value in having an insured client base. But what does that mean to your hospital? Here’s what you can expect from having clients with insured pets:

  • MORE VISITS—pets with a Trupanion policy visit hospitals 2x more than non-insured pets.
  • BETTER MEDICINE—clients with insured pets can take the best course of action.
  • LOYAL FOR LONGER—Trupanion members are active at hospitals 3x longer than non-insured clients.
  • REDUCED ECONOMIC EUTHANASIA—when treatment costs aren’t out of reach, pet owners can explore all their options.
  • MORE REVENUE—clients with a Trupanion policy spend 2x more at hospitals compared to non-insured pet owners.

Based on an internal Trupanion study.

Having an insured client base isn’t just good for business, it’s good for pets. Because the journey of an insured pet dealing with an unexpected illness or injury is vastly different from a pet without medical insurance. So the question is, how can you see more insured pets? It starts by normalizing the conversation.

Normalizing the Conversation about Medical Insurance for Pets

By normalizing the topic of medical insurance for pets, you’re helping to remove financial barriers to care. And fewer financial barriers help you do what you do best: practice the best medicine.

Think about the flow of an appointment—from check-in to check-out—and consider these quick conversation starters.  

1. AT CHECK-IN—ask for a medical insurance provider.

Think back to your last dentist appointment. You were probably asked for an insurance provider at check-in. It’s a normal question. It’s less normal at a veterinary hospital. And that’s exactly what needs to change.

2. IN THE EXAM ROOM—provide a realistic expectation of cost.

Pet owners visit with one thing in mind: their pet. And many come with breed-specific questions. Our Commonly Claimed Conditions guide, which began as a request from a veterinarian, gives insight into what medical conditions your clients can expect in their pet’s life.

3. AT CHECK-OUT—keep insurance top of mind.

Let pet owners know they should research their options. Provide this Questions to Ask flyer to pet owners who are considering medical insurance for pets. It will help them guide their research and ask the right questions.

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