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Medical Coverage Saves Dachshund Bernard’s Life

Medical coverage saves Dachshund Bernard's life
The beloved late Joey and Bernard

I’m a registered Veterinary Technologist and have been in practice for 22 years. I became aware of Trupanion when it first came out on the market.  The first pet I enrolled was my parent’s dog, Joey.  His coverage was phenomenal. $100,000 paid out by the time he passed.

I enrolled my dachshund Bernard, as soon as I got him. Within a year, he already had a claim for a bladder stone.  Trupanion covered the surgery and all the follow-up since. After that, he’s had minor things here and there, like Diarrhea.

The big claim came to a couple of years ago. 

I took him to the dental specialist for what we thought was going to be a root canal.  We thought Trupanion might cover it, so why not try.  He ended up with extraction which was no big deal.  It was Friday before a long weekend and he wasn’t eating post-surgery.  I assist fed some canned food and he had explosive diarrhea on Monday.  I took him to the emergency clinic.  They didn’t really find anything. Little did I know he was actually very sick. The doctor I work with said based on his blood work he didn’t think Bernard would make it. He’d acted like he was heavily medicated the whole week.

Medical care continued at the emergency clinic for Dachshund Bernard –

He had an endoscope, a colonoscopy, an ultrasound, a bone marrow aspirate, intestinal biopsy, tick tests just to mention a few.  The consensus was inflammatory bowel disease.  We began steroids only to have him have adverse reactions. Because of this, Bernard was hospitalized at the specialty centre again.  This time he had a blood transfusion to stabilize him.  We adjusted the steroid dose and added some intestinal protection.  More importantly, he’s been stable for over a year and a half now.

I’ve lost track of how much Trupanion has paid in claims so far but I know that those first two weeks would’ve been in excess of $5,000.  Everything was covered. Bernard would not be here if it wasn’t for them.  That’s money I just didn’t have. Giving them a premium every month is easier to budget for.  I could never have predicted he would get that sick and have that kind of money saved. Just as with my parent’s dog. Who has that kind of money saved?  Joey wouldn’t have lived to be 15 if he wasn’t covered.

My opinion, being in the profession if you can’t afford a premium…you can’t afford the medical care that’s coming. 

It’s not “if” it comes … it’s “when” it comes.

-Margaret C.


  • Edmonton, Alberta
  • Date enrolled: August 2007
  • Conditions: IBD, IVDD, Bladder Stones, Lump removal, Lethargy, Otitis Externa
  • The Trupanion policy paid: $31,658.59

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