What You Need to Know about Monthly Pet Expenses
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What You Need to Know about Monthly Pet Expenses

What ever pet owner needs to know about monthly pet expenses.

As a new pet owner, there is quite a lot to consider with your finances when you bring home a new addition. Pets are family, and just like with human family members, there is always something new that is needed. From diagnostic testing to surgery and pet medication we break down monthly pet expenses and how a Trupanion policy can help you plan for those unexpected pet costs for your furry friend.

The reality of monthly pet expenses

The reality of monthly pet expenses when you have multi pet household.

Planned expenses vs. unexpected expenses

You can expect to budget for pet care items like a leash, collar, bed, and pet food. But, what if your pet becomes sick? Do you have the finances needed to cover the cost of emergency surgery, specialty care, or daily medication? Also, depending on the age or breed of your new best friend there might be additional costs to consider.

“It wasn’t the regular costs of pet care that concerned me, it was those things you could just never plan for.  Little did I know at the time just how high those costs were to become, and as it happens I made the right choice when I selected Trupanion.

I chose Trupanion deliberately for several reasons. Also, I appreciated the fact that they paid out 90% on claims (at the time this was at least 5% more than most of their competitors), and their commitment to no ceiling on how much they covered, per condition.  I never wanted to find myself deciding emergency medical costs on my ability to afford them.

It’s been 9 years since I made that choice and I must admit, without the unbelievable support of Trupanion, I would have lost both of my girls and at very early ages.” -Maureen, a Trupanion member since 2010

Puppies and kittens are mischievous

While puppies and kittens are adorable and make for wonderful family members – they are curious and often get into things they shouldn’t. Certainly, this is unexpected and can result in a trip to the veterinarian. Naturally, as a new pet owner, you want to be able to offer the highest quality in medical care and not question the cost of emergency care if it’s needed.

Axl has been covered with Trupanion since he was a puppy and it was by far the VERY BEST DECISION we made in regards to his health care. He has had years where we never needed to use coverage and others where we were so thankful for the protection it provides.
At two, he was diagnosed with pneumonia. He spent three days at the veterinary hospital with IV fluids, antibiotics, and x-rays. Trupanion took care of all our financial concerns and also inquired into how he’s doing on his recovery. ” – Nanette, a Trupanion member since 2016

Expected pet items add up

Whether you have a new puppy or pack of furry friends – pet items can add up and rather quickly. And that is just the expected items that your pet needs for optimum wellness. Whether you need to take your puppy to its first veterinary visit or their annual yearly exam, chances are there will be vaccines and preventative care. Further, those items are expected and can be planned for as part of the family budget or a savings account. Take into account the amount you spend per month on your pet.

Now imagine if specialty care or emergency care was included in your monthly spend. In fact, it could be upwards in the thousands of dollars every month. For example, the Trupanion policy has paid over $16,000 for Bernese Mountain dog Mecho:

Luckily for us, we had the foresight to sign her up for Trupanion. They have been their every step of the way helping us financially to keep our girl healthy and under excellent doctor’s care. Trupanion has and will continue to be in our corner and we always take the opportunity to tell people how important it is to have the right insurance for peace of mind.” – Lori, a Trupanion member since 2011

Pet savings account

A pet savings account is a wonderful way to supplement any expected costs or pet care items that you know you want to purchase. For example, preparing for the upcoming yearly exam, doggy daycare costs, or new pet apparel items, that way you are able to budget responsibly for the cost of your new furry friend.

The importance of budgeting for your pet

A family budget is important, especially if you have pets. It helps you prepare, plan, and anticipate costs that might be associated with your new furry friends. While financial wellness is the goal for most families – maintaining and sticking to a budget can help protect them when they need it most. For example, a Trupanion policy is here to help for those moments you can’t plan for.

Consider the following benefits of a Trupanion policy:

  • Diagnostic testing
  • Specialty care
  • Emergency care
  • No payout limits
  • The ability to pay your veterinarian directly in minutes (or seconds) at checkout
  • Medication
Monthly pet expenses can add up - so opt for financial wellness for your entire family and consider your options.

Overall wellness for the entire family

A Trupanion policy can help your peace of mind if you need to seek medical care for your furry friend. While no one wants to have to use their medical insurance for their pet, it happens. And you can rest easy that were here for your pet’s lifetime.

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