Two Shiloh Shepherd Puppies Get Coverage Early On
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Two Shiloh Shepherd Puppies Get Coverage Early On

Two Shiloh Shepherd puppies, Echo and Lupa, get coverage early on -

Echo and Lupa, two Shiloh shepherd puppies, began their journey early on with a Trupanion policy.

Shortly after bringing home our first Shiloh Shepherd puppy Lupa, I did a little research on insurance.  To tell you the truth I was skeptical about its value and about whether or not it would be there should the need arise.  But after calculating the cost of Trupanion’s plan and finding out that it worked out to a couple of coffees a day, I decided to give them a shot.  If it didn’t work out, I could always cancel.  And if it did work out, well, I’ve had dogs and horses most of my life, and I know how quickly unforeseen medical costs can add up.

 It wasn’t the regular costs of pet care that concerned me, it was those things you could just never plan for.  Little did I know at the time just how high those costs were to become, and as it happens I made the right choice when I selected Trupanion.

I chose Trupanion deliberately for several reasons. Also, I appreciated the fact that they paid out 90% on claims (at the time this was at least 5% more than most of their competitors), and their commitment to no ceiling on how much they covered, per condition.  I never wanted to find myself deciding emergency medical costs on my ability to afford them.

It’s been 9 years since I made that choice and I must admit, without the unbelievable support of Trupanion, I would have lost both of my girls and at very early ages.

Lupa was healthy, right up till she was about a year and a half old. 

Shiloh Shepherd puppies, Luca and Echo, now have the ability to seek medical care and treatment due to the help of their medical coverage.

We were so enamored with her that when presented with the opportunity to purchase her sister (from a later litter), we jumped at the chance.  And that was when our other girl Echo, entered the scene. At first, everything was wonderful.  The girls got along famously, despite being a year and a half apart, and we could not have been more thrilled.

But then about a month after Echo’s arrival, we started noticing issues with Lupa’s stools. 

At first, we were not overly concerned and tried just about everything to get this under control, but despite our best efforts and numerous veterinarian visits, it only got worse.  It got so bad that Lupa started losing weight at an alarming rate.  Her coat dulled, her energy diminished, and we became increasingly worried that we would lose her.  We even tested Echo for various conditions, thinking that maybe she had brought something with her.  This was not the case.

Thankfully, I came across an article about a condition called EPI, in which the pancreas loses the ability to produce enough digestive enzymes and food passes through the system undigested.  After realizing that the symptoms of this condition matched Lupa’s symptoms we had her tested, and sure enough, that was the issue.  By that time, she had gone from 85 pounds to 53, and I think we were very close to losing her.  When I read up on this condition and just how devastating it can be, I was heartbroken that our beautiful girl was so very ill.

For anyone that has had a diagnosis like this, you know what it means to hear this kind of news.  Your first thought is, am I going to lose my beloved pet?  That is such a difficult moment.

But when you add finding out that this is a lifelong condition and that it’s very treatable but at substantial costs, the worry just adds to the heartbreak that you are already going through. 

And that’s where my love affair with Trupanion began. 

As it turns out, I could probably write on a novel on the various health problems my girls have had (being genetically close has meant they have shared more than their sweet demeanor’s).

In the nine-plus years since I first got Lupa, both of my girls have been diagnosed with EPI and are on medication for life. Lupa bloated on me a couple of years ago and required Prophylactic gastropexy surgery.  Echo, started having bloody stools and after many emergency visits and procedures were determined to have IBD.  On top of these things, all of which required extensive costs, they have had their share of broken bones, eye injuries, Pannus, incontinence, joint issues, etc.

Fortunately, I’m in a position to get them the care they need. Both my girls live quite wonderful lives, and to see them you’d never know just how very precarious keeping them alive has been at times.

And through it all, Trupanion has been there for us.  Sometimes, I’m a little embarrassed at filing yet another claim because it just seems like my two girls are always needing their help.

But the reps at Trupanion never complain. Also, they are always warm and friendly to deal with and I have so much confidence now that they will be there when need. I recommend them to everyone I talk to.  And I know for sure that any future pets of mine will be clients of Trupanion.

Your biggest fan,

Maureen Elder

Lupa and Echo

Ontario, Canada

Conditions: Lupa – Pancreatic insufficiency, lameness, mass, hair loss Echo- Pancreatic insufficiency, Gastroenteritis, Lameness

The Trupanion policy paid: Lupa – $14,407.89 Echo- $9,061.68

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