What Pet Owners Need to Know about Birthday Pricing
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What Pet Owners Need to Know about Birthday Pricing

What is birthday pricing and how does it affect your pets medical insurance policy?

Your pets are part of the family. And like any family member, your furry friends should be able to celebrate every milestone and every birthday that comes with it. In fact, some insurance providers in the pet industry will automatically increase premiums, just because pets age, also known as “birthday pricing”. On the other hand, when you enroll your pet in a Trupanion policy we are happy to say that we never increase your monthly cost as your pet grows older. Essentially, we will always see your pet as the age they were when they enrolled with us. Read on to learn more about what birthday pricing is and why we don’t think it’s fair to do it.

Birthday pricing for pets


What is birthday pricing?

In the pet health industry, birthday pricing is when you see an increase in your pet’s premium, or monthly cost because they age. That’s right, a medical insurance provider can increase your rates, just because your pet celebrates another birthday. We want to celebrate your pet, not punish them.

How we calculate their monthly cost

Whether you have a new kitten or a curious puppy in your home, the cost of their medical insurance can vary. Naturally, your pet’s monthly cost is based on a number of factors. The following are factors that Trupanion considers when pricing your policy:

  • Breed
  • Gender
  • Species
  • Age at enrollment
  • Location

For example, if you enroll your one year-old male Labrador Retriever, they will forever be priced as a one year-old. Because of this, your pet’s monthly cost is unique and personalized for them. Although your price may change over the years, it is never due to your pet aging.

Why we don’t use birthday pricing

We want to commemorate your pet’s birthday, not spoil it. Your pet aging should never play a negative role in your insurance price, especially because of a special day. Why would we punish your pet for things they can’t control, such as becoming sick or unlucky in health?

In addition, your claims submissions and claims payouts will never affect the monthly cost of your Trupanion policy. Further, no matter where you live across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, or Australia we never use birthday pricing.

We want to commemorate your pet's birthday, not spoil it with birthday pricing.

Celebrate your best friends

Whether your puppy is another year older, or your kitten crossed a milestone, we are there to share in their journey. In fact, we want to be there with you to cherish your furry friends no matter what age they are. Discover lifetime medical coverage for your pet and enjoy the years to come with your best friend.

To learn more about Trupanion, call and speak to a pet-loving expert at 888.626.0932.

We love informed decisions. See our policy for full coverage details.


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