Seven Perfect Football Pet Names for Your Furry Friend
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Seven Perfect Football Pet Names for Your Furry Friend

Consider these football pet names for your next furry friend.

Did Football, one of the United States’ favorite pastimes inspire, the name of your best friend? This spirited sport has pet owners — and according to the Trupanion database, our members –ready and waiting for their furry friend to join in on the fun. With over 400,000 Trupanion pets in our system, more than 920 pet names happened to be inspired by game day. In honor of football season, we’ve got a record-breaking playbook of football pet names sure to top the hall of fame in your household. Whether you have a multi-pet household or a new puppy, read on to learn which football pet names are a top round draft pick for your new furry friend.

Football pet names that will be a game-changer for any household

check out football pet names for your next new puppy or kitten that joins your family.

1. Jersey

A bit hit on game day, this popular pick is one of the top football pet names in any given household. With 639 Trupanion pets named Jersey, you certainly can expect your #1 best friend right by your side!

2. Blitz

No game is complete without a Blitz (or two), and certainly no household either! With 249 Trupanion pets named Blitz, we understand why ball toss is a long-running game in pet-friendly homes.

3. Fumble

Playtime is a wonderful way to bond and interact with your growing puppy. Also, your pup might encounter an interception or fumble while playing ball. With six Trupanion pets named Fumble, we bet they have a fun game to join!

4. Touchdown

Touchdowns are one of the highlights of game day that won’t go unnoticed. With six Trupanion pets named Touchdown, we certainly see why your furry friend is the winner of the game.

5. Tackle

A football pet names list wouldn’t be complete without a tackle. With 5 Trupanion pets named Tackle, we wonder if the cats or dogs are winning the game?

6. Turf

A game of football comes alive on the field. With four Trupanion pets named Turf, including our very own Trupanion office dog, we certainly are inspired by these fun-loving dogs and cats.

7. Football

Football pet names certainly inspire play in all pets no matter what size, shape, or age. With three Trupanion pets named Football, without a doubt, they are certainly the reason for the season!

Turf, a popular football pet name, is a perfect draft pick option for naming your next kitten or puppy.
Trupanion member and office dog, Turf, enjoying some fun.

Football pet names: game-ready for all family members

Whether you are inspired by the weekly game or it’s your favorite family activity, there is a wide variety of seasonal names to consider for your best friend. And a special shout-out to the one Domestic Shorthair cat named Huddle. We bet you call the plays in your home!

What is your favorite football pet names pick for your best friend?

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