Meet Susie: A Pitbull/Boston Mix Who Chose Trupanion
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Meet Susie: A Pitbull/Boston Mix Who Chose Trupanion

Meet one-year old Boston/Pitbull mix who chose Trupanion based on the recommendation of their veterinarian.

I adopted Susie in March of 2018, a year old Pitbull/Boston mix. I chose Trupanion based upon the recommendation from the veterinary hospital where I work, North Bay Animal Hospital.

Within a few months, she had ingested something that over the next few days began to cause diarrhea, fever and eventually vomiting. Also, I began suspecting that she may have eaten something in my sister’s backyard when she was outside playing with her dog one afternoon.

I brought her to the vet, and after doing abdominal radiographs, we saw a sharp, foreign object in her stomach – turned out to be a bone fragment that was too large to pass through into her intestinal tract.

The doctor determined that she would need emergency surgery to remove the object before it further damaged her stomach lining and causes sepsis, which is life-threatening.

I am so thankful that I have Trupanion coverage because it allows me to get my sick girl the care that she needs without the worry of financial constraints or the stress of going into serious debt to save her life.

Paying a small premium every month is so much easier than coming up with $2,000 + in an emergency situation. Also, it gives me a good feeling knowing that I can properly care for my Susie no matter what happens. Unforeseen illness or life-threatening accidents can happen to anyone’s pet at any time. Furthermore, as I’ve seen time and time again working in a veterinary clinic.

Most of all, having medical insurance to help pay for the cost of care gives me peace of mind. And that is priceless!

-Debbie K.


  • Tampa, Florida
  • Date enrolled: March 2018
  • Conditions: Foreign Body Ingestion
  • The Trupanion policy paid: $2,397.00

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