Why I Needed Trupanion for My Six Year Old Cat Oliver
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Why I Needed Trupanion for My Six Year Old Cat Oliver

Discover how Trupanion made an impact on 6 year old cat Oliver and his family.

I learned about Trupanion while doing a staff training where I work.

I knew I needed this for my six year-old cat, while he was still young and healthy. Sure enough, shortly after enrolling Oliver O’Malley with Trupanion he became sick.

He became lethargic and not wanting to eat (which is a big red alert!!!). He then became unable to urinate. After taking him to PETS Emergency Animal Hospital and then to my wonderful job at Brick City Cat Hospital, Oliver was diagnosed with E. Coli.

During Oliver’s big ordeal and recovery, I worried a little about the bill.

Most important of all, I wanted to make sure my big red boy was getting the proper treatment.

Trupanion was a major help with covering 90% of Oliver’s expenses, helping me to be worry-free about whether or not I could afford the proper care for my Oliver O’Malley.

six year old cat Oliver was able to get medical care with the help Trupanion medical insurance for pets.
Six year old cat, Oliver O’Malley a Trupanion pet since 2018

I am truly grateful for the help Trupanion provided for Oliver. Not only did they cover his medical bills, but they even called to check on him! Now he is back to being his fun and playful self.

Thank you Trupanion for truly caring about my Oliver O’Malley!

-Hannah R.

Oliver O’Malley

  • Ocala, Florida
  • Date enrolled: October 2018
  • Conditions: E.Coli infection & UTI
  • The Trupanion Policy Paid: $639.29

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