Five Reasons to Add a Great Pyrenees Puppy to Your Family
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Five Reasons to Add a Great Pyrenees Puppy to Your Family

Read on to learn more about the benefits of adding a Great Pyrenees puppy to your family.

A puppy brings fun, love, and joy to any household. While a puppy is an exciting addition to your family, how do you decide which puppy breed to bring home? Luckily, there are a versatile amount of family-friendly breeds to choose from, like the Great Pyrenees. When you are considering the perfect pet, consider matching the breed to your lifestyle, and keep its size in mind. For example, you can consider that a Great Pyrenees puppy can be a smart and dedicated furry family member. Read on to learn more about the big dog breed that can bring happiness to any household.

The Great Pyrenees puppy – a fun-loving breed for families

Discover the loyalty and love of a Great Pyrenees puppy.

1. Loyal

If you’re looking for a best friend, a Great Pyrenees puppy is a wonderful companion. In addition to being a trusty sidekick, they can be a loveable and loyal pet. Often, a Great Pyrenees likes to be near their owners and family. You can always count on an amazing best friend, with a Great Pyrenees.

2. Affectionate

Keep in mind, if you enjoy kisses and cuddles, then a Great Pyrenees puppy might be just what your family needs. Often a pet that loves to cozy up (and can even be found to be quite a lapdog), this affectionate pup loves showing their owner how much they mean to them!

3. Protective

Historically, a Great Pyrenees is known for watching over the flock or tending to the sheep in the field. In addition, this natural leader will want to protect and take care of their family. Often, you might see your Great Pyrenees puppy sitting on the outer edge of the yard, watching over everyone in the family. Further, with a little bit of stubbornness, your furry friend may want to be the one in charge.

4. Gentle giant

An incredibly calm and loving creature, the Great Pyrenees, is often referred to as a gentle giant due to their nurturing personality. They often enjoy taking care of others and are always the first to lend a helping paw.

5. Big and fluffy

A Great Pyrenees puppy is absolutely adorable, without a doubt, but be prepared for quite a bit of grooming! This fluffy and big dog breed has a double coat and may shed often throughout the year. Consider daily brushing and keeping up with grooming appointments, to maintain your big dog’s beautiful coat.

Trupanion office dog and member, Salvatore, who happens to be a Great Pyrenees and Border Collie mix, enjoying some playtime!
In addition, to being a fun-loving Trupanion office dog and pet – Salvatore is a Great Pyrenees and Border Collie mix!

A Great Pyrenees puppy can be a wonderful addition to any home

Whether you want a big dog, fluffy dog, or an affectionate dog, you can have it all with a Great Pyrenees puppy. As with any breed, all dogs are unique and some breeds might not be for everyone. Consider what works best for your lifestyle and family.

What do you love most about your Great Pyrenees puppy?

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