Why We Decided on Trupanion for our Jack Russell Mix Ruby
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Why We Decided on Trupanion for our Jack Russell Mix Ruby

Read on to learn why this pet owner decided on a Trupanion policy for their Jack Russell mix Ruby.

After spending about $15,000 for treatment for our lovable little terrier mix Milo who had lymphoma, we decided to get insurance for our next dog. With some research, we decided on Trupanion. Our dog Ruby, a Jack Russell mix rescue from the shelter, started having tremors in February and had to go to an animal neurologist. She was treated with medication and mostly recovered.

Then, a few weeks ago, we had to rush her in the middle of the night to the emergency animal hospital for uncontrollable tremors. Also, she had a temperature of 106 and spent several days there. She was sent home with medication once again.

A sick dog is very stressful emotionally and financially.

Having Trupanion to help with this financial burden has helped us tackle the emotional stress. Ruby may have an issue with tremors for the rest of her life, still no known cause. So it is a comfort to know we have this financial help.

The Trupanion claim process is very simple and easy to use. In fact, I can always call and get a real and friendly human to help me if I have any questions.

-Rickie C.


  • Marietta, Georgia
  • Date enrolled: October 2018
  • Condition: Tremors
  • The Trupanion policy paid: $7,119.89

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